Damon Johnson Will Shine On at Tower Theatre

by Steven Sanchez

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, Damon Johnson, will be performing an acoustic in Fresno at Tower Theatre on Friday, February 15. He rose to prominence during the 90s-alternative boom with Brother Cane, their most notable hits being “Got No Shame,” “That Don’t Satisfy Me,” and “And Fools Shine On” which was featured in the horror film Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

There is No Secret—STYX Has Still Got It

by Steven Sanchez

One of the defining hits for the classic rock band Styx is “Fooling Yourself” (The Angry Young Man), and it has a lyric that goes, “And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it. You're kidding yourself if you don't believe it.” For the 1,500 fans that attended the Styx concert at the Bakersfield Fox Theater on January 15, there was no fooling or kidding them to believe that even after 40-plus years in the music business, the Chicago rock ensemble continues to thrive, and their live show is proof of that.

Christmas Concerts at Immanuel Schools

by Breanna Wood

Immanuel Schools has a long-standing tradition of performing the “All Is Well” Choir Concert during the holiday season, featuring all choir members grades 7-12. The name “All Is Well” was given to this performance in honor of the song, “All is Well,” that is sung every year to wrap up the performance, and welcome you into a holiday season centered on Christ.

The San Joaquin Valley: A Great Place For Live Music

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Not only is this area blessed with a lot of great theatre, but we have several great clubs and concert venues as well. Over time we plan to cover more of them, but this week we thought we would touch base with some of those we have already covered in the past--Kuppajoe All Ages Nightclub, Victory Cafe, Fulton 55, and The Cellar Door--to do an overview of what each one has to offer, and see if anything new has happened since we profiled them.