Comedian Q&A with Quincy Johnson II

by Steven Sanchez

On Tuesday, January 16, stand-up comedian Quincy Johnson II rolled into Clovis to do a set at Di Cicco’s Italian Restaurant in the heart of Old Town for their Just The Tips Tuesdays where well established career funny raconteurs either from LA or out of state come to perform for tip money, generously donated by attendees.

The Animated Comedian: Profile of Julian Aguilar, Local Comedian

by Zachariah Zendejas

It is said by many comedians that comedy is hard. Like anything comedy takes time and is a process of elimination of what is not funny and picking what your audience might respond to. Local comedian Julian Aguilar is no exception; Aguilar constantly tests what is funny, re-writes jokes so that they can have more effect, and scrutinizes his line-up of jokes and skits so he can get the most laughs possible.