coffee shop

Alchemist Coffee Lab: A New Place For Coffee in the Tower District

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I really enjoy finding new places to share with our readers, especially coffee shops! During the Rogue Festival in March, I discovered that a new coffee shop had opened up in a familiar location in the Tower District. Alchemist Coffee Lab has taken over the location where Hi-Top coffee used to be, just down the street from Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater on Wishon. After trying their delicious hot mocha, I decided to reach out to learn more and recently chatted with owner Hamzeh Mahmoud.

Mama’s Café: A New Place to Hang Out In Downtown Reedley

by Lorie Lewis Ham

A few months ago a new coffee shop opened in downtown Reedley called Mama's Café. My daughter and I now visit there on a regular basis. This is something that has been missing from downtown for awhile now-it is nice to have somewhere other than Starbucks to go to for good coffee and a nice place to hang out. But Mama's offers a lot more than that. Recently we sat down to chat with owners Jose and Jacqueline Escoto to learn a bit more about this unique shop.

The Magic of 210 in Visalia

by Evelyne Vivies

Of all the battles one might choose to pick at this moment in history, fighting for the right to party may seem low on the list. But don’t tell that to the masses of people huddled in front of Richard Garoogian and his group of impromptu musicians, singers, and comedians that make their way to the 210 every Saturday morning for their Morning Cup of Jazz.

Café Fanatico in Parlier, A Cozy Small Town Coffee Shop

by Zachariah Zendejas

When it comes to cafés and coffee shops, they are a dime a dozen, especially since Starbucks seems to be everywhere and in almost every town (some may even say that a town is not a town unless it has a Starbucks or a coffee shop). Since cafés are plentiful, it can be difficult to discern which one is good. Some people are satisfied as long as they have a decent cup of coffee in the morning. Now don’t get me wrong, I like an iced coffee once in a while, and often frequent such chains as Starbucks purely out of convenience, but if you’re looking for good coffee and a relaxed atmosphere, Café Fanatico is an awesome fix for caffeinated needs.