Christmas Short Story: O Holy Night

by Elena E. Smith

When I was a kid, nobody thought it was cool to live on a farm. I’ve heard some people think growing up on a farm is fun. At times, it could be. But it definitely had its down side --- getting up at four a.m. to feed the cows, or walking to school with the grey muck on your shoes still drying. Boys don’t care about that stuff, but when you’re a girl, like me, it can be embarrassing to show up at school smelling like a barnyard.

Bread Over Troubled Water By Winnie Archer: Review/Giveaway/Recipe

by Cynthia Chow
& Winnie Archer

Ivy Culpepper’s to-do list is growing longer by the day, and it’s getting harder for her to decide what should take priority. Not only haven’t they finalized the menu or bread wall for Ivy’s engagement party to celebrate her upcoming nuptials to Miguel Baptista, they still haven’t even decided which of their respective dream homes to live in.

Christmas Mystery Short Story: Home for Christmas

by C.B. Peterson

The iron taste of blood filled Lyndsey’s mouth. The hit to her jaw must have been harder than she thought. She couldn’t see much more than large shapes out of her right eye. It was closing fast due to the swelling. The eye throbbed and burned at the same time. She held her arm across her abdomen where her ribs stabbed with pain. It hurt to breathe. She hoped they weren’t broken. Probably just severely bruised.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rings in the Holiday Season at Save Mart Center

by Steven Sanchez

Thrilling. Exciting. Electric. Bewildering. Amazing. These are just a few adjectives I could conjure up when witnessing the spectacle before my eyes that was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra performing at the Save Mart Center on December 1. The heavy metal/theatrical/operatic hybrid musical act is primarily known for the single, “Christmas Eve / Sarajevo,” which has become a staple of holiday radio for it thunderous guitars with the melodic string accompaniment that’s filled with Christmas joy.

Live and Let Grind By Tara Lush: Review/Giveaway/Coffee Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Tara Lush

Despite an unexpected career turn that forced laid-off journalist to pivot into becoming the owner of her family’s Perkatory coffee shop in Devil’s Beach, Florida, Lana Lewis is thriving. She is dating Police Chief Noah Garcia, works and lives near her best friend Erica, and their innovative flavor twists have perked up business tremendously.



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