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by Clea Simon

My new book, Hold Me Down, is set in the rock music world. My protagonist Gal is an older woman who, decades before, was a rock star for a brief and shining moment. She was also a heavy drinker and a little bit crazy for reasons that I hope are made apparent in the course of the story.


by Kathleen Costa

Mae West has had quite a contrasting life: from the heights of limitless spending to the depths of a 9 to 5 budget, from the superficial cocktail crowd to true bourbon buddies, from a New York City penthouse to a Kentucky campground. After forfeiting everything to the Feds due to her now late-husband’s financial crimes, she leaves the Big Apple with only two items: a camper and ownership of Happy Trails Campground nestled in the Daniel Boone National Forest.


by Sandra Murphy

Florrie Fox is the manager of Color Me Read, a Georgetown bookstore. For Halloween, the store is going all out with a presentation by psychic author Hilda Rattenhorst. Before her talk is barely underway, Hilda has a vision of a rolled up rug with a foot sticking out. She also feels a violent presence in the room and faints. Florrie and her police officer boyfriend, Eric, go to the location where Hilda says she ‘saw’ the body, but there’s no sign of it.


by Cynthia Chow
& Carol J. Perry

When Barlett’s of Boston department store shuttered its doors after eighty-five years, their thirty-something Independent Retailers Ready-to-Wear Buyer of the Year Maureen Doherty knows that even a generous severance pay won’t help her for long with an apartment lease. So it’s an unexpected but very fortuitous time for her to receive a letter from the Estate Attorney of one Penelope Josephine Gray, stating that Maureen has been named as the sole heir of the Haven House Inn.


by Kathleen Costa
& Kim Davis

Ten years ago Carissa Carmichael couldn’t wait to escape her hometown of Oak Creek Valley for a big city adventure in San Francisco where she honed her skills, knowledge, and experience with aromatherapy and reflexology through her association with friend and mentor Mari Kemp. However, nine months ago her adventure turned horrific ordeal that included accusations of “fraud” and an arrest all courtesy of her big city, now ex, boyfriend.


by Stephanie Kane

Alphonse Bertillon’s photographs of corpses and Frances Glessner Lee’s crime scene dioramas depict gruesome deaths in domestic settings. Bertillon sought to document evidence; Lee to train investigators. But these forensic pioneers achieved more. By bringing murder up close and personal, they made us see violent crime in a new way.


by Sandra Murphy

This week we have more wonderful mysteries for your October reading list-Cajun Kiss of Death: A Cajun Country Mystery by Ellen Byron, Murder Most Fowl: A Meg Lanslow series by Donna Andrews, One for the Hooks: A Crochet Mystery by Betty Hechtman, Railroaded 4 Murder: A Sophia Kimball Mystery by J. C. Eaton, and Striking Range: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery by Margaret Mizushima.


by Elizabeth Wilkerson

Those People.
An ad hawking Christmas present ideas just popped up in my email. It’s barely October, and yet marketeers are already ratcheting up holiday gift-buying stress.
It’d be different if I were one of Those People. You know the ones—they’ve purchased and wrapped their holiday presents before the Fourth of July.


by Sandra Murphy

The residents of Tinker’s Cove, the whole of Maine really, can be reluctant to accept strangers. Generations later, families are still known as ‘the new people.’ It’s no wonder Ty Moon and his wife Heather seem suspicious. They don’t mingle, visit with neighbors, or invite anyone over, and there were odd, flashing lights and loud noises coming from the house at all hours.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

The Necklace is the latest thriller by award winning TV writer, novelist, playwright, and screenwriter Matt Witten. It follows the journey of Susan Lentigo as she travels across country to witness the execution of the man who murdered her 7-year-old daughter 20 years ago.


by Lois Winston

One of the most common questions authors are asked is, “Where do you get your ideas?” Because I started out my writing career penning romance and romantic suspense, I’d often find myself confronted with a variation of that question—most often at my husband’s annual company Christmas party after some bozo had hit the eggnog one time too many. To the chagrin of the long-suffering wife standing beside him, he’d ask me where I got the ideas for my sex scenes.


by Joe Cosentino

The Audiobook of Drama Detective, the Fifth Nicky and Noah Mystery by Joe Cosentino, performed by Griswold Addams
Author Joe Cosentino interviews audiobook performer Griswold Addams on Drama Detective, the fifth Nicky and Noah comedy mystery audiobook!


Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas?

IN THE September 29 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Susan Finlay

My most popular book series is Tangled Roots, a historical/WWII genealogical mystery series with a dual-timeline. I’ve always been interested in World War II history, but it’s more than that. I grew up hearing bits and pieces about my ethnic German mother, siblings, and parents who were caught in the war because they lived in the Sudetenland, the border districts of Bohemia, Moravia, and the Czech Silesia.

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Fall Mystery Catchup!

IN THE September 25 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andCynthia Chow,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andSandra Murphy

by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

This week we have more mysteries for your fall reading tbr-Knot Ready for Murder: A Quilting Mystery by Mary Marks, Murder, She Edited: A Deadly Edits Mystery by Kaitlyn Dunnett, Death in Daylesford: A Phryne Fisher Mystery by Kerry Greenwood, Death of a Red-Hot Rancher: A Love is Murder Mystery by Mimi Granger, and The Cider Shop Rules: A Cider Shop Mystery by Julie Anne Lindsey.


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