Benedict Jacka

Veiled By Benedict Jacka

by Terrance Mc Arthur

In Benedict Jacka’s Veiled, Alex Verus is a diviner, a mage who sees the alternate paths of the future, how his decisions will affect his life…or death. He has no real weapons but his wits, so some readers call him a coward. He doesn’t want to kill, but there are often a lot of dead bodies when the smoke clears. He doesn’t want to tap in to Dark magic, so he has to think his way around his opponents, who usually have one simple goal – killing Alex Verus. He maneuvers his opponents into a position which puts them in the path of something magical and nasty. It may not be kind, but it keeps Alex alive.

Chosen By Benedict Jacka

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Alex Verus is a diviner, able to see paths of alternate futures and choose the option that will keep himself and others the safest. Some magic users don’t trust him because he spent two years being trained by a Dark mage, and he participated in acts of which he is not proud. The apprentices and adepts around him don’t know all about his history, but they are about to learn in Chosen, Benedict Jacka’s fourth Alex Verus novel.