Barbara Venkataraman

Duck for Cover & Other Tales A Collection of Short Stories By Barbara Venkataraman

by Kathleen Costa

What do you do with those snippets, bits and pieces, vignettes that just beg to be shared? For Barbara Venkataraman, she compiles fourteen of her short stories in a book, Duck for Cover & Other Tales. The tales have a wide range of themes, settings, characters, and level of karmic intervention. She explores revenge and comeuppance, pay back and pay forward, and the dynamics of a myriad of relationships.

Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection By Barbara Venkataraman: Audiobook Review

by Kathleen Costa

This is truly a delightful, entertaining series! Jamie Quinn may be a bit quirky with some low self-esteem issues, but one can easily identify with this young woman just trying to find her way. She loves her family, is loyal to friends and clients, misses her mom who recently died, and discovers she is more capable than she ever imagined…very realistic from her engaging first-person narrative. These books are quick reads, or listens in my case, but not short at all on enjoyment.