Avery Daniels

Arrowed By Avery Daniels: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

Despite being part of Julienne’s work assignment, she and Mason, her now official boyfriend, jumped at the chance for a romantic getaway; many of their alone time rendezvous have been interrupted by family or friends, so being six hours away may be the buffer they need. Her boss, Chandler Carlton, recently purchased the Enchantment Canyon Resort, a “mind, body, and spirit wellness” retreat just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, and she has been tasked to train the staff on new operating procedures and software linking it to the Colorado facility. Milling around are guests taking advantage of the healthy activities, peaceful atmosphere, and the corporate facilities for team building and strategy meetings.

The Society: Elizabeth Grant Thriller By C. G. Abbot

by Kathleen Costa
& C.G. Abbot

It had been over a year, but the nightmares were back…visceral and terrifying. But it's the vision, the hallucination, that was the most disturbing. Elizabeth has returned to her grandparent’s home in Cyprus, Mississippi, where she'd spent so many summers and met her very best friend, Loralie. But seven years ago Loralie had gone missing, and Elizabeth dismissed that the first vision of her beaten and bloodied friend was an illustration of her death.

Spiked By Avery Daniels: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

What's the worse thing to happen to a romance-challenged event planner? Well, being told by her boss that she’s planning the “happy” day for someone else! Julienne LeMere, resort management trainee for an upscale Colorado Springs resort, is assigned to manage the plans for a large-scale wedding including the rehearsal, dinner, wedding, and reception.

Nailed By Avery Daniels: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa
& Avery Daniels

Julienne is taking her job seriously, so when circumstances change and instead of her boss she is sent to a resort management conference in Vail, Colorado, she is very eager to sharpen her managerial skills, network with like-minded people, and take lots of notes on how a posh premier resort operates, but investigating a murder was not on the conference schedule.

Iced By Avery Daniels: Review/Giveaway/Interviews

by Kathleen Costa

Julienne ‘Julie’ LaMere, event coordinator and manager-in-training at an upscale resort in Colorado Springs, is frantically finalizing details for the Leadership Luncheon with many local community leaders with frequent last-minute changes. Lobster? No, scallops. Red? Blue? No, white tablecloths, Music? No, no music. Then back to scallops again? “This event must be executed with precision and perfection,” her boss expected.