AcornTV Streaming: Agatha Raisin Trifecta

by Kathleen Costa

AcornTV is one of the quintessential streaming options for British and beyond programming. For a very reasonable fee (monthly $5.99 or annual special $59.99) members get access to a wide variety of current and classic comedies, dramas, mysteries, documentaries, and even foreign language gems. Either through a web browser, like Safari, or their free app, enjoy the best video and audio quality on any device. I enjoy the control with pause, reverse or fast forward, and one special feature, I personally enjoy, is the closed caption button providing the text for the dialogue.

AcornTV Trio: Murdoch Mysteries, The Brokenwood Mysteries, & Midsomer Murders

by Kathleen Costa

The pandemic has directly effected our lives in many ways and we have tried desperately to find ways to keep ourselves engaged or distracted. We’re used to reruns, and in many cases don’t mind binging our favorite sit-com and movie series, but there’s On Demand, Netflix, Pay-Per-View, and a wide selection of streaming services for reasonable to “Ouch!” fees. For several years now, my “reasonable” membership in two streaming services has provided this Anglophile access to a wide variety of UK television shows and movies, some new and some longtime favorites.

AcornTV Streaming: Mr. and Mrs. Murder

by Kathleen Costa

What better way to fill the “stay home” hours than by streaming clever and fun murder mysteries! AcornTV has an excellent library of vintage, iconic, and contemporary mysteries, dramas, and police procedurals. Get your Sherlock on with lots of Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Miss Marple, then Pie in the Sky, Above Suspicion, and Deadwater Fell. But your reasonable monthly or annual membership also includes comedies (French Fields, Trivia), documentaries (The Family Farm, Bollywood), and feature films (The Return, The Scapegoat).

Acorn Streaming: Midsomer Murders (21) & Murdoch Mysteries (13)

by Kathleen Costa

So many streaming options are available nowadays, each varying in type of programming, devices needed, and membership requirements. I have been a member of AcornTV for over two years, and with a reasonable monthly fee and annual payment option, I have been thrilled with the diversity of genre, original air date, country of origin, number of episodes, and length of availability.

You Are the Top! Top Favorites From 2017

by Kathleen Costa

In 2017 I reviewed over 150 marvelously entertaining books along with connecting with loads of talented and delightfully friendly authors. Set with the task of choosing my top favorites for the year has been a serious challenge since every single book, and a few television shows, have/has provided me with hours of entertainment and some inspiration…So, drum roll, please!

Midsomer Murders x 2 = 4-ever Favorites! on ACORN-TV

by Kathleen Costa

In March, ACORN-TV had the exclusive US premier streaming all episodes of Midsomer Murders as it entered its nineteenth season. Beginning with author Caroline Graham’s iconic lead Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and following with his cousin DCI John Barnaby, the mysteries give the idyllic English countryside a darker underside where one will find family rivalries, backstabbing business partners, husbands against wives, wives against husbands, money issues, inheritance squabbles, and plenty of women scorned.