Acorn TV

AcornTV Streaming: The Brokenwood Mysteries Season Nine And Going Strong

by Kathleen Costa

AcornTV continues to provide me with hours of laughs, tears, gasps, and nods of interest … all in all big time entertainment I can stream anywhere, anytime, on any of my devices with excellent video and audio quality. With so many streaming options available, I consider my AcornTV membership well worth the cost. You can choose a $6.99 monthly fee or a special discount for an annual charge of $69.99.

AcornTV Streaming: Whitstable Pearl

by Kathleen Costa

AcornTV continues to provide outstanding programming to entertain to no end this Anglophile with quality audio and video, easy access online or through their app, and the freedom to stream anywhere, anytime, and on a variety of devices. For a reasonable membership fee ($6.99 monthly; annual $69.99 special), I have enjoyed classics that never made it across the pond as well as engaging detective shows, intense dramas, sidesplittingly comedies, and informative documentaries.

AcornTV Streaming A Pair of Aces! Whitstable Pearl & Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mystery

by Kathleen Costa

AcornTV is a popular streaming option and one for which I’ve had a membership for several years: $5.99 monthly or get a deal with the annual $59.99 fee. My personal experience has been without complaint, and whether I’m binging an old favorite, enjoying a current season, or checking out a new-to-me production, I totally enjoy the quality of the audio and video and the convenience to view anywhere on any of my devices with my AcornTV app. Slowly, programs that had new seasons contracted before the pandemic are returning to filming with premiers set throughout the summer and into the fall. I am thrilled about two of AcornTV Originals ready to go: the new Whitstable Pearl, and season two of Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mystery. Yeah, AcornTV!

Law & Order / UK Season 1-5 AcornTV Streaming

by Kathleen Costa

Law & Order is an iconic American television drama spinning off other iconic and long-running shows, so why not send it over the pond to the UK? Law & Order | UK aired originally in 2009, and currently, AcornTV is showing the first five seasons with a cast that in my opinion rivals, if not surpasses, its American cousin. The “police who investigate crime” is led by Detective Sergeant Ronnie Brooks (brilliantly cast with Bradley Walsh), partnered with Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin (Jamie Bamber), and under the supervision of Senior Inspecting Officer Natalie Chandler (all-time favorite Harriet Walter).

Phryne & Jack and Tommy & Tuppence Streaming on AcornTV

by Kathleen Costa

Staying at home? Tired of the news? Desire something different? Check out whether streaming AcornTV is the answer for you; it is for me! I’ve been a member for a very reasonable annual fee (monthly membership available) for a few years, and have always found something entertaining, engaging, and thought-provoking. From comedies (Ain’t Misbehavin’) and dramas (Pitchin’ In) to amateur and licensed detectives (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mystery and Hamish MacBeth). I plug myself in and...relax!