Rogue Performer Preview: Anatomica

by Amica Hunter

When I started making this show, I wasn't entirely sure what it was about, or why I was making it, only that I was intensely interested in the subject matter and excited to get an audience interested in it as well. Many aspects of this show are new for me as an artist, and that has been exhilarating … and terrifying. It's been a truly wild period of time. I've been experiencing the familiar ups and downs of building a show from scratch, combined with the new freedom and frustrations that come with being a solo creator.

Secret Lives By Mark de Castrique: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sandra Murphy

Ethel is in her 70s, and runs a boarding house for federal agents temporarily assigned in Washington, DC. Jesse, her double-first-cousin-twice-removed, is staying with her while he attends college. He’s on a video chat with his girlfriend who’s out of the country when a noise loud enough to be an explosion happens right beneath his window. It wasn’t an explosion. It was gunshots. And a Secret Service agent is bleeding out on the sidewalk.