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Pat Browning

by Pat Browning

Barbara Reed, substitute teacher at Captain Merriweather High School in Reckless River, Washington, is not having a good day, and that’s even before the school bell rings. Opening lines:
“You may not realize you’re carrying a backpack loaded with beliefs or a tote bag crammed with foregone conclusions, until your baggage collides with that of another … And mine was slamming into Dave Martin’s as he moved into the condo now known as “ours.”


by Pat Browning

A cop’s life isn’t all gunfire, sirens and squealing tires. In F.M. Meredith’s No Bells, cops in a small Southern California beach community knock on doors the old-fashioned way. Investigating a murder, they suspect and question everyone who knew the victim.


by Pat Browning
& Sandra Murphy

At this year’s Left Coast Crime I (Lorie Ham) will be part of a panel about Musical Mysteries–all of our mystery novels have a music connection. To help promote our panel here at KRL we have reviews of all of our latest books! Enjoy and come see us at LCC in Sacramento this Friday at 11:30 in the Campagno Room, with a signing immediately afterwards. The panel is made up of myself, Peggy Ehrhart, Bill Moody & Ken Kuhlken.


by Pat Browning & Marilyn Meredith

This week in KRL I, the editor-in-chief and publisher, get to be interviewed by our own Marilyn Meredith, and have my latest mystery novel, The Final Note, reviewed by Pat Browning. With a book event coming up in Fresno next week featuring three KRL authors-Marilyn Meredith (also mystery), myself & vampire writer James Garcia Jr., this seemed like the perfect time for this. Hope you all enjoy learning about this book as much as I did writing it. All of our books are set right here in the Valley.


A White Christmas In Hanford

IN THE December 5 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andPat Browning

by Pat Browning

One of our editors, Pat Browning, wanted to share with KRL readers a story she wrote in 2004 about a Christmas in Hanford. Since we have no movie reviews this week, seemed like the perfect time to share a bit more Christmas!


by Marilyn Meredeth & Pat Browning

Marilyn Meredith had the pleasure recently of interviewing mystery author Dennis Palumbo. After the interview is a review of his first mystery novel, Mirror Image, by Pat Browning and details on how to enter for a chance to win a copy of this book.


by Pat Browning

Since we are in the midst of the Blossom Festival, now seemed like a good time to review mystery novel, Out of Tune, set during the Blossom Festival and written by KRL’s editor-in-chief Lorie Lewis Ham. At the end of this review are instructions on how enter for a chance to win a copy of this book.

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by Lorie Lewis Ham & Pat Browning

On Sunday February 6 KRL’s Marilyn Meredith will be having a book talk & signing in Exeter, so I decided it was the perfect time to chat with her about her mystery novels. Marilyn is a fellow mystery writer and has been a good friend for many years.

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by Pat Browning

It’s the Christmas season and all Joshua Punch wants is a warm place to sleep. That, and his $8,000. He’s been kicked off his boat and he’s flat broke. A big wheel named Mr. Buckeys is out of town and Joshua, who works for Kar-Parks, has the keys to his Mercedes and townhouse.


by Marilyn Meredith & Pat Browning

Interview by Marilyn Meredith, book review by Pat Browning, and contest to win an autographed copy of How To Crash A Killer Bash by Penny Warner at end of this post.
Hi, Penny, I’m so happy to finally be catching up with you. First off, please tell me and the readers a bit about your background before you started writing mysteries.


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