Menopause in Manhattan by Anne Kleinberg: Book Review

by James Garcia Jr.

Being a new writer myself, I have tried to offer my support for others who are in similar circumstances. Although I don’t read as often as I would like due to time constraints, I have recently read a few of these books. Today, I would like very much to tell you about one of these, a fantastic book, entitled: Menopause in Manhattan. There are no vampires in this one, nor are there werewolves, ghouls or serial killers of any kind. Instead, there are simply men and "women of a certain age".

Summer Band Concerts Under The Stars

by James Garcia Jr.

It was very sweet to see two dear friends of mine in Kingsburg this past Thursday evening. I met Bill and Margaret Nicholls when I was a teenager working at the Swedish Mill Restaurant in town. They used to come two to three times a week from their home in Clovis, and we became fast friends. Although the Mill has been closed for well over a decade, something continues to bring them back to town for six weeks during the summer. What could it be that draws a couple that is well into their eighties to our small town?

The Autumn Lo: Local Band Profile

by James Garcia Jr.

I first met brother and sister, Nicholas and Kara McIntyre, in Reedley, California, where we attended Community Christian Fellowship Church together. As often happens, life intervened and my family and I began attending church near our home in Kingsburg. However, I “bumped” into both of them once again on Facebook as they began doing PR for the band that they had put together, The Autumn Lo.

2011 New York Wind Band Festival: Kingsburg High School Visits Carnegie Hall

by James Garcia Jr.

Whether they fully realize it yet or not remains to be seen, but Kingsburg High School (KHS) students have just experienced a dream come true. On March 4, 2011, myself and fifty-eight others, including forty-six members of the KHS Wind Ensemble, boarded a school bus and traveled to San Francisco International Airport. Our destination was New York City and the world-renowned Carnegie Hall.



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