Burlesque:Movie Review

by Allison Mackie

Ever wonder what awaits a singing/dancing starlet in the city of Los Angeles? Aspiring singer Ali (Christina Aguilera) discovers the world of Burlesque in her pursuit of fame and fortune. In search of somewhere she can flaunt her operatic voice, Ali stumbles into a nightclub designated for dancers where she is hired as a waitress.

Skyline: Movie Review

by Allison Mackie

If you're looking for an interesting, yet far-fetched movie to watch, Skyline might be the one for you. I've never been one for science fiction, and this movie did nothing to change my feelings about that. However, if you like Sci-Fi this may be for you.

Rachel’s Challenge Impacts Reedley High School

by Allison, Kristalyn & Crystal

Last week I watched an assembly at my school regarding something called "Rachel's Challenge", and it's become something that is truly now a major part of my life. Rachel Scott was the first victim of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School, which swept the nation in a blanket of sadness and remorse.