Supplementize your life: 16 reasons to visit a supplement shop in 2016!

Dec 26, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Community, Laura Sidsworth

by Laura Sidsworth

I’m going to list the reasons first – and the how’s, where’s, tips, and whatnots last!

1. Get educated on proper nutrition – your shopkeeper will point you in the right direction for what your body needs.
2. No cooking!
3. Do a detox!
4. Bolster your immunity!
5. Round out your current nutrition to make sure all of your dietary needs are met.
6. Improve your sex life!
7. Get prepped for workouts!
8. Replenish after workouts!
9. Get recovery products for you hard-core athletes.
10. Rebuild and repair muscles, tissues and tendons for hard-working individuals with tough, physical jobs.
11. Add muscle, weight gain.
12. Lose weight, get over plateaus with metabolizers/fat-burners.
13. Nurture the young athletes in your life with healthy shakes instead of fast foods.
14. Stabilize your moods.
15. Satisfy snack urges!
16. Get great products to keep on hand for your survival stockholds!

The above, explained…

1. I was educated early in life on proper nutrition, health and fitness by my Aunt Mary, who holds a degree in Physical Science/Nutrition. She gave me my first job at her health club, The Executive Health Spa, in McAllen, Texas. I’ve been a yoga and calisthenics teacher, weight-trainer, swim instructor, and giver of racquetball lessons – since the age of twelve.

I love staying on top of trends and the latest studies related to health and nutrition; and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the two men I interviewed for this article: Eli Ontiveros, who runs Supplement City in Sanger, on the corner of North and Academy; and Albert Sadoian who operates Valley Fitness, at the Southwest corner of Herndon and First Street, in Fresno.

health store

Eli Ontiveros & client Alex who happened to have run out of product & stopped by…

Ontiveros opened his shop in 2013, after construction opportunities in the cement industry slowed and he was looking for a new way to support his family. His family includes the love of his life, his wife Anna of 12 years and their five children; one of whom, a son – has special needs, and one of the reasons why Ontiveros wanted to work nearby, not far from home.

Ontiveros, a Sanger native, used to wrestle, and play football. He found out as he got older that he needed to re-up his game and his commitment to his own health, and started watching what he ate, and began working out regularly again (he loves weight-lifting.) He’s since learned a lot in regaining a healthier attitude, and is truly excited when talking about what products and nutrition can do to not only change the way people feel about themselves, but to help keep injuries, and even illnesses at bay.


Ontiveros’s store front

Some key simple tips for an immediately healthier, better you – from Ontiveros:

*Choose to eat healthy (don’t eat processed foods, reduce your bread/wheat consumption – like ask yourself, is Subway really healthy? It is basically processed meats, and bread.)
*Drink more water
*Try to reduce sugar intake, and completely stay away from all fake sugars.

He explains what needs to get out to the world: In much the same way everyone has learned about trans-fats not being healthy for us, the latest culprit is fake sugars. He brought up a WHDT World News story in which a Dr. Mathew Weiner was quoted boldly highlighting the concerns behind chemical sugar substitutes: besides increasing carb cravings, it stimulates fat-storage (sodas in general, double the rate of obesity) lowers good bacteria, increases risk of diabetes, raises PH levels, and as the body has no way to naturally break down these chemicals that build up in the body -the immune system turns against itself. Horrific results can occur: from metabolic syndrome/disorders, to diabetes, migraines, seizures, brain tumors and even heart attacks. All from a habit such as Diet Coke!

If you can kick sugar altogether, substitute it with nature-based stevia, or maple syrup – but never with Agave syrup, as that is just as bad as high-fructose corn syrup!


Ontiveros’ favorite product to help people who feel burnt out, tired, & whose muscles are always aching. Look at the numbers on those ingredients!

Ontiveros continued his tips for a healthy new Year by saying that not everyone can take on a full-fledged plan for fitness, but by walking for 30 minutes (non-stop movement) 3-4 times a week – that in itself is a tremendous benefit. Diet and nutrition are so important he stresses, that he does recommend one weight-lifting maneuver: a wrist curl! He says to take a loaf of bread in one hand, and turn it over with your wrist, to be able to read the label. If it doesn’t say 100% stone-ground wheat, or doesn’t contain a healthy 12-grain blend – skip it!

He finished his advice by saying “Don’t buy into corporate lies in marketing, read labels and make good choices!”

Albert Sadoian, who grew up in Armenia, moved to the U.S. when he was 16. He trained in the Martial Arts (Aikido), was a fan of Chuck Norris, and loves the entertainment aspect of the fitness and bodybuilding world.

He too is happily married the last eleven years, and has three boys. In seeking a healthier lifestyle from his last job, and in admiring the movies where it is cool ” to be the tough guy, like Norris and Schwarzenegger,” he wanted to open up a store that would promote that healthy lifestyle.

Sadoian has operated his store, Valley Fitness, for the last ten years, and sponsors many local bodybuilders and athletes – including law enforcement events and competitions. He also offers discounts to the military, EMT/Firefighters, and law enforcement.valley fitness

Sadoian’s tips, since he works with a lot of professional athletes:

*Stay in the gym! (Work out every day if you can, keep moving!)
*Stay away from sugar/excess sodium/fake sugars
*Do not smoke!
*Do not make excuses, for poor food choices, like, well…it’s the holidays!

…More reasons behind 1-16:

2. By no cooking – I mean the ease of preparation: Replacing one or two expensive, calorie-laden meals with healthy shakes…some big jars contain thirty servings for under forty dollars! They have the tastes that you love, and all the nutrients that you need. Simply mix/blend with water, or add ice, or your favorite fruits! You will spend less time in the kitchen, and net great nutrition.

3. Detoxing is about invigorating lymph glands to begin clearing toxins from the body. There are teas and products that metabolize your fat stores and purportedly detox fatty livers.

4. Your immunity: less sugars equals less bad bacteria in your system, as in, for instance, you have a better resistance to colds. Also, there are many herbs, vitamins and products that will strengthen your immunity. (Even garlic, that purifies the blood!) Olive leaf extract also, is a natural antibiotic.

5. There are many natural products that can provide adequate nutrition, what with protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and the occasional kitchen sink thrown in! They can cover your bases if you’ve been hitting the restaurant/fast food scene too often. Sadoian offers a complete power drink bar that serves up shakes and pre- and post-workout boosts tailored to each individual’s

6. Your sex life- There are natural hormones to boost testosterone and your metabolism, to provide pep – one product is called Wood-E, and is a sexual performance enhancer, that you can kind’a tell by the name is for men to take!

7. Depending on your athletic endeavors, Sadoian will find out if you are a long-distance runner for instance, and will recommend a product that is slow-releasing and long-lasting to provide endurance and stamina throughout your long rides.

8. After workouts, it is important to give those stressed muscles immediate protein – experts say within thirty minutes. There are popular post workout items that target depleted muscles.

9/10. For hard-core athletes, and people who use their muscles a lot – like warehouse workers, mechanics, field workers, and the like, who feel burnt out – there are nutritional supplements (I currently take turmeric and collagen – the former to reduce pain and inflammation in a case of ongoing tendonitis I’ve had, and the latter to help rebuild connective tissue) such as Myoflex, a joint and tissue repair supplement that “naturally reduces inflammation, increases healing and flexibility; encourages regrowth of bone and soft tissue, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and maintains healthy and well-lubricated joints.” Anyone feeling the beginnings of old-age and arthritis? I would try this product before those scary TV-ad hyped pharmaceuticals with all of their attendant side-effects. Myoflex lists amongst its ingredients: turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, and bromelain…


Valley Fitness sponsored winner’s trophies!

11. Muscle/weight gain: it’s not just about the carb-laden, protein powders! There are natural products like ashagawanda, especially for men which converts into testosterone, and thus helps build muscle.

12. For losing weight – it’s all about metabolizers these days! For fat-burning, I like green coffee bean supplements, with little to no actual caffeine in the product. I take it twice a day with meals.

13. The flavors in the shakes these days! In the time it takes you to drive through McDonalds before or after a soccer match, you could mix up a premium Total Body protein matrix shake which comes in a chocolate, peanut butter ice-cream flavor – which offers up fiber, protein, and a slew of other valuable vitamins and minerals. It’s Ontiveros’ favorite product, which is formulated in Germany, and manufactured and shipped out of New York. It runs only 32.99 and provides 30 servings. It also is only sweetened with Stevia.

14. Many products are helpful in combating stress, anxiety and depression. Turmeric, for instance is touted as both an appetite suppressant and can relieve symptoms of depression!


Have your cake and eat it too!

15. Stock up on snacks! At Sadoian’s shop you can find Quest bars, Lenny and Larry’s cookies, protein-packed chips, beef sticks and jerky – all to satisfy hunger while at the same time again providing extra nutrients in the form of proteins, and calories when needed (like taking a protein bar along while hiking.) Many of these items are vegan, gluten-free, and of course, lean towards the all-natural side of the food chain.

16. I made a comment to Sadoian that I had not really thought about it before, but it made sense that in wanting to prepare for storms, natural emergencies, etcetera, it might make sense to instead of just having the 150-servings of dehydrated soup in your survival pantry – a better food choice might indeed be a store of these vitamin-packed, protein-rich powder mixes in your pantry. He replied that some of his clients are doing just that, ordering the powder mixes (which have a shelf life of up to three years) in twenty-five pound bulk boxes. I’m going to have to get my order in!


Ontiveros’ favorite well-balanced shake product

In some of the photos I am including, I am demonstrating the huge market that this is becoming, and how companies are looking to stand-out from their competition…to try to capture individuals particular tastes and desires!

Sadoian says it is more like entertainment every day, and much like a circus, as the marketing pictures attest to…

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy holiday season…try adopting just a few of these suggestions for a better feeling you in 2016!

Supplement City – 1811 Academy Avenue #102, Sanger, California
Eli Ontiveros – (559) 399.8281

Valley Fitness Nutrition – 6735 N. 1st Street #105, Fresno, California
Albert Sandoian – (559) 446.0295


Laura Sidsworth has published two children’s picture books, Spoiled Pink, & The Treehouse Treasury; both of which can be found in the Fresno Library system, and are available for direct purchase at /

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