Local Teens Christmas Poems

Dec 18, 2010 | 2010 Articles, Teens, Terrific Tales

Enjoy some Christmas/winter poems submitted by local teens.

San Francisco Christmas
Kristalyn Patzkowski, 16, Junior Reedley High School

It’s December
And the air has turned,
For better or for worse.
The trees have shriveled,
Have lost their leaves.
And the sky is ebony.
Tired of watching my breath fog,
I shift my glance up,
Towards the top of the evergreen,
Adorned with five points,
Resembling the star of Bethlehem.
This city still holds hope!
Later a bus ride.
All the lights turned off here.
Disheartening vibrations
From under my seat.
Everyone is tired from today.
So I glance out of my window.
The houses are lit,
Like millions of golden lanterns!
The horizon glistens of gold glitter.
There’s a reason why
Christmas is my favorite time of year!

Set Apart
Madison Quiring, 17, Senior Reedley High School

Through a frosted window I do look,
To find inside a delightful book.
This book is that which children read,
As if it is some amazing deed.
This deed of theirs they do so find,
Creates a warmth and peace of mind.

Hand against the window I am mocked,
By the indoor ticking clock.
This clock that tells the passage of time,
That gives me little peace of mind.
I find this time is merciless to whims of mine,
And on my life it so does dine.


Brianna Kyleen McCallough, 15, Sophomore Reedley High School

Christmas bells and Christmas carolers,
deck the halls in all the cellars.
Cider and cocoa warm the childrens’ bellies,
while Santa gets his reindeer ready.
Christmas tree and Christmas lights,
set the mood for all in the night.
The smell of happiness and sound of laughter,
make Santa’s belly dance a little faster.
The children drift asleep fastly,
awaiting Santa eagerly.
A morning filled with love and laughter,
brings the family more happily ever after.


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