Lesser-Known Lisbon Neighborhoods To Avoid The Crowds

Dec 10, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Travel

by staff

Bairro Alto and Alfama are among the historic Lisbon riverside neighborhoods that are famous but they are also among those that are crowded. Tourists often visit them so if you do not like to be surrounded by many people, you may want to look somewhere else. Fortunately, the city has a lot to offer, for practically all tastes. You can so easily enjoy Withlocals tours in Lisbon that take you to the less-crowded neighborhoods listed below and still have the time of your life. Visiting with local guides is always a wonderful way to get a true glimpse into what locals experience every single day.

On the yellow line, Odivelas is the very last stop and it is a great reason why you will want to go past Saldanha. The neighborhood is popular among the local residents that still want to be close to the center of the city but need to deal with lower living costs.

Odivelas is where you want to go if interested in museums and historic heritage. You will want to visit the Monastery of Sao Dinis de Odivelas, an architectural masterpiece that includes Manueline, Baroque, and Gothic. If you love nature, be sure to consider the local botanical garden. It was first opened in the eighteenth century. There is even a fashion museum in the neighborhood that shows Portugal’s changing trends over the centuries.
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Estrela is quiet and small. The neighborhood is filled with incredible architecture and right in the middle, you can find Jardim da Estrela. This is a beautiful green garden that is often visited by locals that want to enjoy picnics. Free events are also often organized here, just like Estrela Basilica, a true neoclassical masterpiece.

Parque das Nacoes
Parque das Nacoes is known due to its barhopping and excellent riverside boardwalk. Even so, visitors still overlook the neighborhood. What is interesting is that the area was created from a part of the city that was abandoned. Everything was done for the 1998 World Exposition. This makes it a rather new part of Lisbon but do not let that stop you. When in the neighborhood, enjoy countless restaurants, Gare de Oriente, the largest European oceanarium, and a shopping mall.

Avenidas Novas
This neighborhood is also rather new but it is definitely unforgettable. Art nouveau buildings and countless mansion homes line the streets, with Parque Eduardo being a great start to your adventure.

In Avenidas Novas, you can find historic homes turned into museums, Moorish Campo Pequeno, a shopping center, and the Gulbenkian Museum. Those that love gym shopping need to walk across Avenida Roma. There you can see creative shops, clothing boutiques, shoe stores, and bookstores. If you are a foodie, you can find countless budget-friendly options and even sophisticated restaurants that specialize in seafood dishes.
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Campo de Ourique
El Mercado de Campo de Ourique is the second biggest food market in Lisbon, second only to Mercado da Ribeira. This is why it attracts many locals and international residents, as opposed to tourists and expats. Food stalls with numerous offerings can be found, including cheeses, wines, international dishes, and charcuterie. When in the area, be sure to consider Pastelaria Aloma.

When you think about Lisbon’s nightlife, you automatically consider Cais do Sodre, Bairro Alto, and Principe Real. Santos is not well known but it is definitely a wonderful choice if you are interested in barhopping and dining out. The area attracts many local designers, architects, and artists.

This neighborhood is really interesting and diverse. It is a great choice when you want to eat something and is located just north of the Martim Moniz area. Many traditional restaurants wait for you. Many are true gems if you want to taste some great fresh seafood. There are also international spots offering sushi, Indian dishes, and Doner Kebab. Hipsters and artists are often attracted by the live music and the colorful azulejo facades.

Ajuda is very close to Belem so many actually say they are the exact same neighborhood. However, when you visit Belem, you do make similar stops, like Jeronimos Monastery, Padrao dos Descombrimentos, and Belem Tower. If visiting Ajuda, make sure to consider the local Botanical Garden and the Tropical Garden. Then, head over to the Palace of Ajuda, an eighteenth-century masterpiece.

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