Fresno Bully Rescue: Checkers & Sy

Dec 3, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Terese Shaw

Fresno Bully Rescue shares their animal rescue adventures with us every other month. You can find more of their columns here and on KRL News & Reviews.

What exactly is a Pitbull? The fact is that there is no such thing as a “full-blooded” Pitbull. The majority of dogs labeled as Pitbulls are mixed breed dogs, however they are labeled a Pitbull due to a few of the following characteristics. A large broad head, eyes that set low on the skull and well apart, short hair, muscular build, and some physical traits commonly found in bully types such as a Bulldog or an American Pitbull Terrier.

This is Sy see their story below

Why do we at FBR do what we do? We are a 501(c) nonprofit donation-based rescue. We operate from an onsite facility with a few fosters sprinkled here and there. We kennel around thirty-five dogs on a regular basis with caretakers and volunteer staff who we fondly refer to as Elite. This special group give up their weekends, days off, holidays, and family time, just to come out the shelter to love and care for our dogs and help them get into homes.

Why Pitbulls? Half of all Pitbulls entering shelters are euthanized with Fresno County having one of the lowest save rates in the state. Although we are a small organization, a significant part of lowering the death rate in Fresno county is increased collaboration with animal rescues. But, why Pitbulls? This would have to be their unconditional love. Any lucky pitbull owner will attest to this. You can have a hiker and a cuddle buddy or the combination…want a seventy-pound lapdog? We have one at our shelter guaranteed.

What does the future hold? We will continue to persevere and do what we do because these souls are important. They can’t speak for themselves, and they often live alone in fear and pain. There must be people that are strong enough to not only recognize their pain but go through hell with them to get them to a place where they never have to experience it again. Pitbulls are resilient and amazing with those experiences often left in their past.


I’d like to share a couple of our amazing dogs, let’s get them home for the holiday!

Meet Checkers! Her cuddle game is on level 100 and her kisses perfection. She’s a medium size, would do better living with a male and is OK with other dogs with a proper introduction. I’ll put my reputation on the line and say that she is house-trained. Her smile could melt any heart, and you’ll fall in love with those ears!


Meet Sy! This little hippo is fantastic with kids! He’s mellow, house-trained, and a great walk, too. He will need dogs his size or bigger to live with. He will let you dress him up and show him off, too!

Both Checkers and Sy are available to meet at our shelter. You can also find their albums on our website Be sure and visit us for our Photos with Santa coming up Saturday, December 10, at Fresno Bully Rescue. If you do visit our shelter and fall in love with Checkers or Sy and mention that you read about them in the Kings River article, we will take $10 off the adoption fee!

Fresno Bully Rescue
11740 E Belmont Ave, Sanger, CA 93657
Phone: (559) 276-7611

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