Arthur Christmas: Movie Review

Nov 28, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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Arthur Christmas is about how Santa’s son Arthur and his Grandpa set out to deliver a missed present to a little girl in England before Christmas dawn. Santa’s operation has become very high tech with the latest Santa Claus, with the elves doing most of the deliveries and Santa’s son Steve running the operation. Christmas had become more about the success and less about the spirit of the holiday.

Even though Arthur was considered clumsy and in the way he is determined when everyone else called it a day to get that girl her pink bike in time for Christmas. His Grandpa hid the old sleigh and reindeer from everyone else and this night he and Arthur set out in the old tradition to complete this mission that no one else was willing to do. After setting off on their mission, they discover a stowaway elf named Bryony who wants to help. She is an expert in gift wrapping and ends up being a great asset to their team. They come across many mishaps and adventures on their way to save Christmas for the little girl Gwen. Even though they cause a lot of havoc in the world, they are determined not to give up.

This movie took a traditional Christmas story and brought in a new twist to make it fresh and new. The high tech ship and new way to deliver gifts made me think of how so many things in life change through technology, and how sometimes it takes that personal touch out of life. But Arthur brought back the spirit of Christmas to the North Pole. As an animal lover, I found it sad that they kept losing reindeer on their journey with not a concern but thankfully, at the end they all returned to the North Pole safe and sound.

One of my Christmas traditions every year is to find a new holiday movie to enjoy and Arthur Christmas was a perfect way to start off the season. It is fun and lighthearted for the whole family to enjoy.

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