The Audiobook of Drama Fraternity, the Sixth Nicky and Noah Mystery

Nov 24, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Joe Cosentino

Details at the end of this post on how to enter to win an Audible code for your choice of one of the first three Nicky and Noah mystery audiobooks: Drama Queen, Drama Muscle, or Drama Cruise, and a link to purchase the new one.

Interview with Nicky Abbondanza by Joe Cosentino

Nicky Abbondanza is the leading character in Drama Fraternity, the sixth Nicky and Noah mystery, now an audiobook performed by Griswold Addams

Joe: Hi, Nicky. Thank you for popping from my head into the e-book and paperback and now into the audiobook of the sixth novel in your award-winning Nicky and Noah mystery series.

Nicky: Thanks, Joe. It’s great to stretch my legs.

Joe: Since the readers can’t see you, tell them what you look like.

Nicky: I’m tall, muscular, thanks to the gym on campus, with green eyes, dark hair, a Roman nose, and olive-colored skin. And I have long sideburns that Noah loves to kiss. Since I was born in Kansas, I’m a true friend of Dorothy’s.

Joe: And Noah?

Nicky: He’s gorgeous with long wavy blond hair that smells like strawberry fields forever, crystal blue eyes, porcelain-like skin, and a soft lean body. He’s also the most caring, considerate, and kind (try saying that three times fast) person I’ve ever known.

Joe: For any readers not familiar with your mysteries…

Nicky: Shame on them.

Joe: Tell them a bit about the first five Nicky and Noah mystery novels.

Nicky: As you know, I have absolutely no ego, and I always shy away from talking about myself.

Joe: Who are you trying to kid? I created you remember?

Nicky: Well, there is that. In any case, in Drama Queen (Divine Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite LGBT Mystery, Humorous, and Contemporary Novel of the Year) college theatre professors are dropping like stage curtains at Treemeadow College, and amateur sleuths/college theatre professors Nicky and Noah (that’s me and my hubby) have to use our theatre skills, including impersonating other people, to figure out whodunit. Our following capers were Drama Muscle (Rainbow Award Honorable Mention), Drama Cruise, Drama Luau, and Drama Detective.

Joe: All available as audiobooks.

For an enjoyable and captivating cozy read—or listen.

Joe: Explain for the readers what you mean by a cozy mystery.

Nicky: In the case of the Nicky and Noah mysteries, the setting is warm and cozy. Treemeadow College in Vermont is the perfect setting for a cozy mystery with its white Edwardian buildings, low white stone fences, lake and mountain views, and cherry wood offices with tall leather chairs and fireplaces. Also, in our series the clues and murders (and laughs) come fast and furious, and there are enough plot twists and turns and a surprise ending to keep the pages turning faster than an anti-gay politician running out of a gay bar when the press arrives. At the center of our story is a touching gay romance between Noah and me. As we fall in love, I’ve heard the readers fall in love with us. Who can blame them?

Joe: Now, tell us about your current audiobook release.

Nicky: I thought you’d never ask. In Drama Fraternity, I am directing Tight End Scream Queen, a slasher movie filmed at Treemeadow College’s football fraternity house, co-starring Noah, our son Taavi, our gossipy best friend and department chair Martin, and our sassy department office assistant Shayla. Rounding out the cast are members of Treemeadow’s Christian football players’ fraternity along with two handsome screen stars. When the quarterback and jammer pound the wide receiver (smile), the young actors begin fading out with their scenes, Noah and I once again need to use our drama skills to figure out who is sending young hunky actors to the cutting room floor before Noah and I hit the final reel.

Joe: Long suffering Detective Manuello is back as are your and Noah’s wacky parents. Tell everyone about the new characters in book six.

Nicky: Alejandro Gallo, the handsome and muscular star (who plays a vampire on TV’s Suck Off) is cast as the detective in the film. There’s also hunky heartthrob (of the film Full Moon) who plays the lead role of Davey Doubt, the football team’s taunted and misunderstood tight end. And I can’t leave out the adorable and shy young screenwriter, Robert Lee, who penned Davey Doubt’s story based on his own.

Joe: Are you pleased with the audiobook?

Nicky: Totally! Griswold Addams did an incredible job of playing me. He’s more like me than me! And his voices for the other twenty characters were spot on. As a play director, I can say Griswold Addams is a fine and versatile actor with perfect comic timing. The audiobook is proof the Nicky and Noah Mysteries should be a television show.

Joe: I’ve written a TV pilot based on Drama Queen.

Nicky: Come on, TV producers, make him an offer.

Joe: Amen. Who would you cast in the roles, besides me as Martin Anderson, of course?

Nicky: A little nepotism never hurt. As for the other characters, Matt Bomer as me, Neil Patrick Harris as Noah, Rosie O’Donnell and Bruce Willis playing Noah’s parents, Nathan Lane as Martin’s spouse Ruben, Wanda Sykes as Shayla, Luke McFarlane as my brother Tony, and Valerie Bertinelli and Jay Leno as my parents.

Joe: Who was your favorite new character in Drama Fraternity?

Nicky: Robert Lee, the adorable, shy young screenwriter of Tight End Scream Queen. His crush on Malcolm Kahue, the hunky star of the slasher film, is touching and heartwarming.

Joe: Which new character do you like the least in book six?

Nicky: I started out not liking Alejandro Gallo, the TV star playing the hot detective in the slasher film. He seems conceited and always on the make. But then I realized he was a closet gay actor terrified of losing his heart throb status if his fans were to find out the truth about him. It must have been quite a heavy burden for him to hold. It’s always so much more difficult to hide and lie than to simply be yourself.

Joe: Which new character got under your skin?

Nicky: Comey Collins and Pastor Karl Bounty. I will never understand how people can use “religious freedom” to try to take away the civil rights of LGBT people and their families. Religious freedom means having the freedom to practice whatever religion you choose, not disobey the law and/or persecute others.

Joe: Here, here. Which new character was the sexiest?

Nicky: Definitely Malcolm Kahue, the handsome, muscular, Hawaiian, rebel without a cause actor playing the leading role of Davey Doubt, the tight end, in the slasher film. Like Robert Lee, the screenwriter in the novel, I think readers will be quite captivated with Malcolm.

Joe: How can everyone get the new audiobook of Drama Fraternity?

Nicky: The purchase links for Drama Fraternity are below, as are your contact links, including your website. I love to hear from readers through you! Noah and I are the men behind the man.

Joe: Thank you, Nicky, for sharing with us today.

Nicky: It was my pleasure. It is also my pleasure to share this sixth audiobook in my series. So everyone, take your front row seat. Lights, camera, action, frat house murders!

Drama Fraternity (the sixth Nicky and Noah mystery) audiobook by Joe Cosentino is performed by Griswold Addams. Click on Audible link to hear a sample: Audible—Drama Fraternity, Nicky and Noah Mysteries, Book 6 or check out Amazon—

Language: English
Cover Art & Design: Holly McCabe
Release date: 11/3/21
Time: 6 hours
Synopsis: Theatre professor Nicky Abbondanza is directing Tight End Scream Queen, a slasher movie filmed at Treemeadow College’s football fraternity house, co-starring his husband and theatre professor colleague, Noah Oliver. When young hunky cast members begin fading out with their scenes, Nicky and Noah will once again need to use their drama skills to figure out who is sending the quarterback, jammer, wide receiver, and more to the cutting room floor before Nicky and Noah hit the final reel. You will be applauding and shouting Bravo for Joe Cosentino’s fast-paced, sidesplittingly funny, edge-of-your-seat entertaining sixth novel in this delightful series. Lights, camera, action, frat house murders!

Check out the entire Nicky & Noah audiobook library at Audible—Nicky & Noah Mystery series.


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Joe Cosentino was voted Favorite MM Mystery, Humorous, and Contemporary Author of the Year by the readers of Divine Magazine for Drama Queen, the first Nicky and Noah mystery novel. He is also the author of the remaining Nicky and Noah mysteries: Drama Muscle, Drama Cruise, Drama Luau, Drama Detective, Drama Fraternity, Drama Castle, Drama Dance, Drama Faerie, Drama Runway, Drama Christmas; the Player Piano Mysteries: The Player and The Player’s Encore; the Jana Lane Mysteries: Paper Doll, Porcelain Doll, Satin Doll, China Doll, Rag Doll; the Cozzi Cove series: Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back, Moving Forward, Stepping Out, New Beginnings, Happy Endings; the In My Heart Anthology: An Infatuation & A Shooting Star; the Tales from Fairyland Anthology: The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland and Holiday Tales from Fairyland; the Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories Anthology: A Home for the Holidays, The Perfect Gift, The First Noel; and the Found At Last Anthology: Finding Giorgio and Finding Armando. His books have won numerous Book of the Month awards and Rainbow Award Honorable Mentions. As an actor, Joe appeared in principal roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, Jason Robards, and Holland Taylor. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Goddard College, Master’s degree from SUNY New Paltz, and is currently a happily married college theatre professor/department chair residing in New York State.

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