Feral Paws Rescue: Peg & Micky

Nov 13, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue, Pets

by Paula Hunsaker

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Peg and Micky were both rescued from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter in Fresno. Both have medical issues which meant that they were both listed on the daily urgent list, and they would be euthanized at the end of the day they were posted. Sadly, when a medical issue cat is posted, they are overlooked by other rescues for the expense in having to deal with the medical issues, unless they have a private sponsor who will pay for medical procedures. When Peg and Micky were posted, I kept looking at their photos during the day. The photos kept tugging on my heart strings throughout the day. On the day they were posted, they had until 3 p.m. that day before their time was up, and they would go to be euthanized. At 2:45 that day, I contacted the RC at the shelter. I asked if either one had been tagged. I was informed that they haven’t been tagged. So, with my heart strings being pulled toward them, I asked them to tag them for me. Off to the shelter I went to pick them up!

Peg is only two months old, and what a doll! She just held on to me like she never wanted to let go. Peg has a missing back leg that she had been chewing on while at the shelter making it like a stub on her back leg and the bone was exposed. I rushed her to my rescue vet after picking her up. I had contacted them and let them know about Peg, and they were waiting for me to get her to their office. After the exam, my vet thought that Peg lost her leg, possibly by a dog attack, or she got it hung up and chewed it off to free herself. But regardless, we decided she was going to have surgery to trim off the sharp edges of the bone that were sticking out and to pull the skin down to cover the bone and to stick it up so the skin would grow around the bone and close it up. Peg did well in surgery and has now come back to our rescue. Like normal, coming out of that shelter she started showing signs of URI. So that began another battle for us to fight. Peg was put on medication right away. Her recovery is going well. She is just so sweet and loving. Once she can be fixed and has fully recovered, she will be put up for adoption to find her forever home. Peg gets along without her leg exceptionally well, just as if the leg isn’t missing.

Micky is a sweetheart of a boy. He has so much love to give to a forever home. The shelter said Micky is totally blind. Micky is about a four-month-old Maine Coon. I watched him once he was at our rescue when I went to feed him. He would hear me coming and start to meow. I opened his can of food so he could hear the can opening, and he would jump down from his bed. I would put it in his kennel, and he would take his front paw and feel around the kennel floor until he located the can food. He is a good eater and just wants to be held by someone all the time. I spoke to Kim Purcell with Pilots N Paws that flys a lot of kitties to other rescue groups. I told her about Micky, and asked if he would be something that Snap Cats would want to take in since they deal with special needs cats and have taken another blind kitten from our rescue that Kim transported. Kim asked Snap Cats, and they said yes, they would take Micky. So, until the flight is set up for Micky, and Kim can fly into Fresno and pick him up, Micky will stay with our rescue until he is ready to move on in his search for a forever home. I was just telling Kim that he is such a sweetheart, and they will fall in love with him. But, he will be going to an amazing rescue and be in such wonderful hands. Our thanks to Kim Purcell for setting this all up for Micky through Snap Cats.

It’s an amazing feeling being able to give kitties a second chance at finding that special forever home. Rescue is 24/7 – we never stop!

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  1. Oh mercy- You are such a special soul?
    Peg ,Micky and you touch my Heart This morning. So many of these Pawsomely?
    Precious? furkids needing furever loving
    Homes. Lifting Prayers that this gap be filled for homes and Medical needs fulfilled.



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