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Hipsterhood: Web Series Review

IN THE November 9 ISSUE

FROM THE 2013 Articles,
andJayce Ham,
andWeb Series & Vlogs

by Jessica Runnels

I love web series. They are a great way to create something short but wonderful. Web series are my favorite way of entertainment these days, and I have a lot of favorites but one of them on the top of my list is Hipsterhood.

Hipsterhood is about two hipsters in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles. The hipsters are nicknamed Cereal Guy and Faux Fur Girl, and you’ll see why when you watch the series. Cereal Guy and Faux Fur Girl keep running into each other in their neighborhood and can’t seem to work up the courage to talk. For a lot of the series it takes place inside the characters heads, because they are too scared to talk to each other.

It is a great series. The actress who plays Faux Fur Girl, Elizabeth Ferraris, and the actor who plays Cereal Guy, Kit Williamson, are both super funny and bring a lot of life to these very hipster characters. The show is even filmed in the actual Silverlake area, to make it as realistic as possible. I relate to the show, even though I’m not sure if I am a hipster. The characters are very likable and I think everyone can see a little bit of themselves in them–because who isn’t a little shy around the opposite sex from time to time?

I would highly recommend this show. Not only is it “laugh ’til you cry” hilarious, but it has a lot of heart.

Watch Season 2 on bliptv and Season 1 on youtube.com!

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Jessica Runnels is 20 years old and an ongoing contributor; with dreams of being on Broadway, she’s right at home covering Entertainment.

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