Beyond Blue By Austin Camacho

Nov 1, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze, Sandra Murphy

by Sandra Murphy

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It was his son’s 25th birthday. Over lunch, Ferooz Hassan planned to tell the young man it was time for a promotion. Soon Yasser, known to New York City friends as Jesse, could take over the reins for his company. It was a proud day.

It was also 9/11 and his son worked in the World Trade Center.

In the restaurant, Hassan waited and watched as the planes crashed. He waited and watched as people ran out of the towers while rescuers, police and paramedics ran in. He prayed and begged God for help. He waited and watched through binoculars until, surely a miracle; he saw Yasser and two police officers emerge from the collapsing building. One officer fell but his last act was to push Yasser ahead of the rubble. The other officer kept him on his feet and moving to safety. book

Hassan vowed to do all he could for the men who saved his son, the men who ran into the building when others ran out, the men in blue–the New York City police officers.

Paul Gorman is the head of an unknown agency called Beyond Blue. Hassan provides the financing. Gorman has several operatives who work for him–Stone and Steele are partners, Ruby Sanchez, a smart-mouthed savvy gal who can talk her way out of most any situation, Gunny who runs the office and tries to keep them all in line and Chastity, a tiny but powerful Asian woman who can intimidate much larger men. It’s all in the hands. Lucky for Gorman, he has an understanding wife who adores him as much as he loves her or the cases would drive him crazy.

Beyond Blue is a word-of-mouth operation. Police officers in trouble of any kind, on the job or at home, can ask for help. Alex Brooks has been drinking too much, even taking a drink before the start of a shift. His home life is falling apart and he’s afraid he’s going to lose everything. His wife, Francine, is doing everything she can to make sure he does. Chastity befriends both wife and daughter to find out just what’s going on and how best to help Alex.

Ruby’s investigating smuggling at the airport. She’s pretty sure she’s pinned down the guy behind it all but dang, she does like the guy. Rafe’s smooth, respectful, and fun to be around and doesn’t sound like any drug lord to her. Still, something is going on and it involves Rafe’s brother, Hector, a baggage handler.

Stone and Steele are investigating a lawyer who rips cops up on the witness stand. He never loses and has ruined a few careers along the way. Nobody has luck that good and it’s suspected he’s tampering with the jury and planting evidence. Every day, the lawyer leaves at the same time. Within ten minutes, the secretary does too. The office is unoccupied for about half an hour, perfect for a little B&E to find out just what’s going on. Too bad they picked a day when three big lugs also drop by. It leads to a brawl and the “removal” of the secretary from the office–it doesn’t count as a kidnapping if it’s for her own safety.

Even Gunny takes a case when an undercover cop is undercover too long. His real life is fast becoming a distant memory and the life of a gangster is the only thing that’s real.

Each case stands alone but they end up intertwining as the operatives come to each other’s aid. The scenes are fast-paced and full of excitement for the characters and the reader. Each of them has the same goal, save the police officer, no matter what it takes. From gangsters to unfaithful wives, the men and women of Beyond Blue have to do a masterful job of staying one step ahead. Luckily for the NYPD, they do.

This book is not a cozy mystery but a thriller. There is violence but it’s not too graphic. There is a lot of suspense, the reader becomes attached to the operatives and wonders just how they’re going to get out of the latest mess. There are 270 pages in this book. Don’t start reading unless you have time to go start to finish. You won’t want to leave any of the characters hanging until you get back to it.

The best compliments a writer can have are “I had to keep reading to see what happened but I didn’t want it to end” and “I held my breath for pages at a time.” This book deserves both compliments. I can only hope it turns into a series.

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  1. Not sure if I am doing this right, but I would LOVE to read Austin S. Camacho’s novel, Beyond Blue! If I do not win it in this drawing, I will go to Amazon to purchase a copy for myself.

  2. The cover is quite attractive, have never read anything by this person so will have to give it a chance! Thanks for info!

  3. We have a winner
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