Feral Paws Rescue Group: Black Cats Matter

Oct 15, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue

by Lupe Gore

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno will be sharing some of their animal rescue adventures with us now every month. Check out KRL’s article about Feral Paws to learn more about them. Lupe Gore is a FPRG volunteer.

As October brings thoughts of Halloween and black cats, I am writing about the beauty of black cats, that they are not to be feared, that they are the most loving cats and, most of all, that they should be kept indoors so they cannot be harmed by those with evil intent.


Noelle a former FPRG rescue

My beautiful Pantera was born in April 2003, and adopted into our home at 3½ months old. She was left, along with two Siamese-looking siblings, at a pet groomer whose business was adjacent to the one I owned at the time. It was a Friday afternoon and both siblings had been adopted, but Pantera was left behind, presumably because she was all black. I took her and from that day for almost three years took her to work with me each day. She loved all the attention she got from people coming in. At that time she was my only cat. When she was five years old, I was working elsewhere, at a large apartment complex. One of the tenants had suffered a massive stroke and was in hospital. His black cat was still in his apartment, so a co-worker and I rescued her and I took her home. The man died a month later so MyNing remained with me. A year later another tenant went into an extended care facility and her black male cat needed a place to live; the lady wanted me to have him. It was an adjustment for him to not go outdoors any longer but he became the most lovable man-cat ever!

In early 2012 I became aware of Feral Paws Rescue, and found out about all the black cats who never make it out of shelters, mainly because they are black and there are too many superstitious people who do not want them. So along with Feral Paws Rescue, we began saving as many black cats from high-kill shelters as we could. Some were kittens, others were adults who had been surrendered to the shelter, some were healthy, some were sick with URI and other illnesses. I was thankful for each one who made it out of the shelter, and even if they were too sick to be saved, at least they knew love and had a home.


Alberto a former FPRG rescue

It has been quite an experience taking care of so many of these awesome cats, especially the ones who came to me as adults, who had previous owners, or no previous home at all. They have all gotten along together. In January 2015, thanks to Feral Paws Rescue, Luis came into my home. He was a large, black male who the shelter deemed “feral.” He was sick, but over the months and visits to the Rescue veterinarian, he got better. He’d go to work with me and just lie on the desk or on a chair. A few months later, another large, black male who we named Luigi came to us, again pulled from death row at the shelter by Feral Paws Rescue. The shelter had labeled him “Caution! Feral!” Luigi was FIV+ and also needed several visits with the Rescue veterinarian, so I would take him to work on a harness and leash, and he spent many days at work with me in my office.

The latest addition to our family who was deemed “feral” by the shelter is Miercoles. He is a large black male whose right ear was tipped at some point. The shelter didn’t even have paperwork on him when he was rescued in April 2016. Who knows if they were even going to try to find him a home. Well, needless to say, Miercoles is anything but “feral” and perfectly content to live indoors, loves to be held, and he is the man of the house now. And thankfully, he is healthy!


Vincent a former FPRG rescue

All cats at these shelters need homes, and so many times it is up to a rescue to save their lives. I am grateful for Feral Paws Rescue pulling the cats, especially all the black cats, who otherwise would not make it out of there alive. Black cats need homes and love, and they give so much love in return. Don’t leave them at the shelter–their lives matter too. Black cats matter!

Learn more about Feral Paws on their website.

Check out more animal rescue stories in our Pet Perspective section. Advertise in KRL and 10% of your advertising fees can go to a local animal rescue.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful feral – kitty group!!?

  2. Dear Lupe,
    There is no reason black cats are any different than any other kitties, of course, and you have the good sense to know this and a huge heart to take care of those beautiful felines. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Aww bless you for taking in these black cats. It’s so ironic I ran across your story today as I just told my husband this morning. Maybe when we are ready to adopt again we should get a black cat because they are just misunderstood and judged. Sweet post. I love that you were able to save their lives. I envy you are able to take your cats to work everyday. LOVE! PS I found your post via BlogPaws. Take care.


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