Pomeranian mix rescued by Valley Animal Center selected as finalist in Dirty Dogs Contest

Oct 14, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Juan Guitron, Valley Animal Center Content Creator

Pomeranian mix rescued by Valley Animal Center selected as finalist in Dirty Dogs Contest, votes needed daily to win $10,000 prize for shelter

Through the years, Valley Animal Center has had the pleasure of changing the lives of dogs and cats that have come into their care. The services they offer their adoptables help many abandoned pets find their furever homes.

One recent success story is one about a Pomeranian mix named Scar. Although he is happy living in his new furever home, he came from a dire situation.

Scar’s Story

On July 24, Valley Animal Center rescued Scar from Fresno Humane Animal Services. When viewing photos of his intake, he was unrecognizable.

“He was a beady-eyed boy with a lion cut or mohawk that was not representative of any professional grooming,” Valley Animal Center wrote in a blog published on August 2.


Scar arrived with a severe rash covering most of his body; he only had an occasional tuft of hair. Due to some pain, he lashed out at staff members as a result.

“When we first met [Scar],” Jackie Gonzalez, one of Valley Animal Center’s dog care associates, said, “he was a bit grumpy and in pain.”

It took time for Scar to realize that associates like Jackie were there to help, but it wasn’t long before he soon felt comfortable enough for his true gentle personality to shine. Sadly, it was discovered that Scar was suffering from a serious case of canine scabies, a terrible skin disease that causes serious inflammation.

He was prescribed many oral medications, along with regular medicated baths to counteract the effects of the scabies. Thanks to grooming, Scar made a full recovery; his skin is healthy, and all his fur has grown back.

Dirty Dogs Contest

Scar Before

Recently, Valley Animal Center’s marketing team submitted Scar’s story, along with before and after photos, to Wahl’s Dirty Dogs Contest, a contest made possible thanks to a partnership between Greater Good Charities, Wahl Pets, and The Animal Rescue Site. The contest features the best makeovers from across the country.

While the team submitted many successful stories like Scar’s, it was Scar who was selected as one of ten finalists for the most extreme transformation. If Scar wins the top prize, Valley Animal Center will be awarded $10,000. Second place wins $3,000 and third place wins $2,000.

The voting process is open to the public until October 31 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Voters can vote every 24 hours to help choose the top three finalists. To vote for Scar, click HERE.

Help Valley Animal Center pursue its mission

There are many dogs like Scar that have been left in terrible conditions, through neglect and abuse. These pets are left defenseless and in pain. Valley Animal Center hopes that Scar’s story inspires people to do more for the pets in their communities and help local shelters fight the good fight.

To vote for Scar, head to m.lndg.page/Rn6LQB?sre=NrYKqBHNoMGYD every 24 hours. Every vote will help Valley Animal Center get closer to winning the grand prize and help more animals like Scar.

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