Valley Animal Center Seeks to Beautify & Expand its Feral Cat Sanctuary This Fall

Sep 16, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Alisia Sanchez, VAC Marketing Manager

The Art O’Brien Feral Cat Sanctuary is located at Valley Animal Center in Fresno. While it has seen many improvements throughout the years, this year, the nonprofit no-kill shelter for dogs and cats hopes to dramatically improve the lives of the more than 70 feral cats who call it home through the Feral Cat Sanctuary Beautification and Expansion Project, a project representatives of the organization estimate will cost $60,000 to complete.

Art O’Brien

The Feral Cat Sanctuary was founded by Art O’Brien, an avid cat lover who has cared for hundreds of homeless cats in his lifetime. It provides a vast outdoor area for the organization’s local feral cat community and includes an indoor shelter with a high-end cooling system, a food area to nourish the cats, and large litter boxes.

New Yard

The expansion will take place in the vacant lot on the opposite side of the sanctuary. Many of the features in the current sanctuary will be added to this area, and most funds raised will be allocated to installing a new chain link fence and reinforcing the current one. Other costs include securing permits and adding air conditioning and electricity.

Feral Cat Sanctuary

In August, O’Brien donated $30,000 to the project, and the Jeangerard Foundation donated another $10,000 this month. Valley Animal Center is seeking others to help them raise the remainder $20,000.


The funds will also help Valley Animal Center’s cat care and clinic associates continue performing physical exams. Thanks to other loyal supporters and community members, a small village has begun to flourish at the current sanctuary. The village is made up of “kitty condos,” which are like cat trees and offer several benefits. Not only are they sturdy and weather-resistant, but they also offer a shade, help minimize cat fights, and alleviate stress. Funds will also help construct a village in the new lot.

Those interested in contributing to the Feral Cat Sanctuary Beautification and Expansion Project, can donate online at They may also send a check to 3934 N. Hayston Ave., Fresno, CA 93726 with a note that it is to be allocated to the project. Of course, the organization can also be reached at (559) 233-8690.

Feral Cat

The Art O’Brien Feral Cat Sanctuary consists of feral cats located at Valley Animal Center. Currently, the organization does not take in ferals from other communities. The expansion will serve to improve the lives of the current feral residents and there are no plans to accept more at this time.

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