Ways to Make the Most out of a Weekend Getaway

Sep 13, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Travel

by staff

Weekend getaways are the quickest way to give yourself a breather, as not all vacations need to be lengthy in duration. A 48-hour getaway is highly underrated- not only does it allow you to destress during a busy work month but it is also budget-friendly.

Got a long weekend coming up, and do you need a plan? Surprise your family with a spontaneous camping trip to the mountains, without having to worry about missing school or your work. Make a quick plan with your friends that you’ve meant to catch up with- a few hours out in the sun on a beachy resort to reminisce old days and make new memories.

We live in a busy world, where time is of essence and money is our pride. Most often, we don’t even have time to spend with ourselves. A two-day vacation allows you to reconnect with yourself and spend quality time with family. No matter how busy you are, it would help with quick getaways to rekindle the enthusiasm to appreciate life and healthy relationships.

And you know what is even more exciting? You can plan multiple getaways according to your schedule since they are neither time nor budget intensive. Weekend getaways are also much easier to plan. Keep on reading for our quick tips to make the most out of every minute of your miniature holiday.

1. Pick out exciting accommodations
Your little vacation does not always need to include hiking, trekking, and scuba diving. Maybe you are looking for serenity to unwind and relax this time. You can explore some fabulous hotels in your city or book a hotel closer to the refreshing beauty of nature. Avail activities your hotel has to offer- book a spa day or massage therapies to loosen that tense energy.

If you plan to opt for a similar adventure, we highly recommend checking out the beautiful cabins in Pigeon Forge, situated in the middle of the Smoky Mountains, for an extraordinary experience.

2. Pick a closer location
Weekend getaways give you an exciting opportunity to discover new and unexpected places. Hop in your truck with a few friends and take a free-spirited ride across the country road. You can choose to explore your city or pick a camping site nearby- smartly avoid airfares and jets in the process.

Choosing a closer destination will also save you from wasting away your limited vacation time on a bus, train, and aerial rides.

3. Give yourself a digital detox
Nothing life shattering will happen in the 48 hours you decide to take a holiday, so disconnect from social media. Turn down the notifications on your phone, leave your laptop and work stuff behind for two days. Take your time to relax and live in the beauty of the moment.

4. Grab a good deal
Be on the lookout for good flight deals, accommodation deals, excursion packages, and save up on money as well. Tourism around the world has seen a boom in growth. Noticing the increased interest in local and international tours has resulted in various travel agencies coming up with budget-friendly packages to make your traveling feasible.

Subscribe to their newsletters or follow them on social media to find exciting deals. Facebook and Instagram also manage to throw in some sponsored ads your way. Save them up for a suitable time when you can avail.

5. Ideas for quick getaways
If you have a destination in mind, then book it away. However, if you just spontaneously decided to leave your life for this weekend and scour the internet for ideas, we might be able to help.

• City Vacation- since it can get hectic and stressful to plan and enjoy an international trip in two days. However, if you can also squeeze in a Friday, you can go for a city tour! According to multiple surveys, the most popular cities for touring are Paris, Rome, and New York. Lose yourself to the exotic culture that they have to offer.
You can always explore your city, go to national parks, beaches, cinemas, and restaurants.
Beach Parties– This is perhaps the most popular travel destination- be it your local beach or gaudy blue international waters. Ask anyone where they want to go for a short holiday, and they’ll mention the beach in some capacity.
In many instances, the beach is quite possibly the only natural tourist attraction in big metropolitan cities. You can enjoy it at the Hawaiian beaches or the city shores. Indulge in some water sports like jet skiing or sailing.
Cruise trips– if you are in search of luxurious accommodations, entertainment activities, sightseeing, sailing, surfing, scuba diving, and fine dining all in one, in two days? Then we highly recommend you book yourself a cruise trip.
They are often pricey but worth all your money and time. Cruises have casinos, indoor pools, musical performances, sports activities, good food, and a plethora of activities to choose from.
Camping– Second only to beach vacations in its popularity. It is the most beloved form of vacation amongst families. Kids enjoy the experience of setting up tents and sleep on air mattresses out the wilderness.
Camping is also popular among friends who love barbeque in the open, sing around bonfires, and stargaze at night. This proximity to nature refreshes the mind.
Sporty Vacation– Are you into sports? Cricket, soccer, football, baseball, golf, horse racing, or any kind? You can book tickets to a game and support your favorite team! Most sports are adrenaline-filled, high-intensity power games that are always exciting to watch with your friend and family.
You can also plan a laid-back and cozy home watch with good snacks and drinks with your game buddies.
Solo vacation– Looking for an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone? Solo traveling is getting trendy. Discover yourself anew by doing it your way. Meet new people and experience random things.

Get Set Go!
Short spontaneous plans are always the best type of holiday. They give you just the right amount of energy boost and also leave you wanting for a bit more fun. It keeps you focused and interested in planning out another getaway soon. Long vacations may turn exhausting or difficult to plan (financially or otherwise), but secret, random getaways can be the highlight of your year. You’ve got to plan, pack smartly, budget efficiently to make the most of your getaway.

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