Issue Is On KRL News & Reviews this week-KRL is Being Updated

Sep 7, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Arts & Entertainment, Food Fun, Mysteryrat's Maze, TV

by Lorie Lewis Ham

The entire issue of Kings River Life is over on KRL News and Reviews this week due to some more much needed maintenance over here on KRL. So please hop on over there and check out all the fun articles up this week. We have a review of the latest season of Grantchester, reviews and giveaways of several mysteries, local arts articles, a local restaurant article, and two animal rescue articles! You can them all if you click here!

Also don’t forget to check out our mystery podcast! It’s really simple to listen just click on the link and then click play on whichever episode you want to listen to. While it is also on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and Google Play, if you don’t have those just going to the podcast website is as simple as pie! Don’t miss out on this new mystery and theatre fun! A new episode goes up next week!

We also have a new pets newsletter that will be going out once a month letting our readers know about all of the pet and animal rescue related articles that went up that month so you never miss a thing–it is still a work in progress. We also hope to provide some additional content and maybe even some pet related giveaways. You can use this box to subscribe!

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