West Highland White Terriers

Aug 20, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Pets

by Lucille Solomon

This little dog will put a grin on your face most of the time. The Westie is fun. Not only is it an outgoing little dog, it’s bright, loves to play, is a good watchdog, and very affectionate.


Originally bred to flush badgers and foxes from hiding places in the rocky terrains of Scotland, the Westie came in all colors. However, multi-colored dogs were sometimes mistaken for the game they flushed. They were then bred to be all white for their own safety. The dogs were named for the areas in which they lived such as Pittenweems, Poltallochs, and Roseneaths. In the early 1900s the breed was officially named West Highland White Terriers.

Photo by Sheryl Wall

Westie pups

Best in Show Winner

The Westie made its debut in show business in “Crufts,” London, England in 1907. Nowadays, it’s a breed to contend with competitively. The dog seems to enjoy being on center stage at Show and is a pert, happy participant, usually delighted to meet the judges.


Your Westie will quickly learn what you expect and will be eager to please you. However, determination, along with an inquisitive nature, is part of the Westie’s charm. You’ll have to be firm at times without being punitive or harsh.dog


A regular brush and trim keeps this little dog looking smart. It has a double thick coat which allows the dog to handle all weathers.

Home Alone

westieThe dog travels well, and thoroughly enjoys an exciting adventure. If left at home with the family, it will miss you, but will be just fine. However, if you are away for long periods of time, and live alone, you might consider getting a pair of Westies. Left too much alone your Westie will become restless, unhappy, and even destructive.

This little dog loves to play. Toss a ball and it will eagerly race after it and bring it back to you for more fun. You should get some squeaky toys to put in its toy box also. The Westie is a fun-loving little dog and will bring you much joy. It’s a great little watch dog also, protecting you and its property with every ounce of its being. Who wouldn’t love a Westie?

For More Information:
Westie: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Highland_White_Terrier
Video: www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/dogs-101/videos/west-highland-white-terrier

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My name is Lucille Callard Solomon. I was born, raised and educated in England and was a teacher for twelve years. I am also a published writer, dog trainer and dog owner. One of my passions is to try to prevent healthy, but unwanted dogs, from being euthanized. Through no fault of their own, they were the wrong fit for their owners and were denied the chance to live, serve, love and play. Through my blog, I hope to help people choose a good fit for their personalities and lifestyles and to learn all about the breeds they have an interest in. A happy owner is one with a dog that suits him or her perfectly. I spent several years researching breeds and learning what kind of dogs would be right for owners and definitely what owners would be right for certain dogs. Love dogs? Check out my blog at www.astro-pups.com.


  1. I’ve lived with one of these little guys for 10 years now, and he’s the greatest and sweetest little character on the planet.

  2. Loved your information on the Westies! You are right. Who wouldn’t love a Westie? I will be sure to check out your blog.

  3. Thanks for a great article! We’ve had Westies for over 25 years, and can affirm that they’re great little dogs. Our first Westie was a stray who literally followed us home, and that was the beginning of our quarter of a century love affair with the breed.

  4. Two terriers are always better than one! You are so right. They keep each other happy and eager to interact with their humans when they come home!

  5. I love Westies! They are so full of personality and spunk. I’ve put Westies in several of my books!

  6. I love my 2 Westies. They are a joy to have.

  7. Enjoyed the article. Have a Westie for 20+ years (2)

  8. Fantastic article described Westie to a tee!

  9. As a lover of all animals, especially dogs, I commend you for standing up for our fury four legged friends. It’s not their fault if the wrong person chooses them! I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

  10. Had a Westie for 17 years! She was the BEST!



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