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Jul 29, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Community, Jim Mulligan, Reedley News

by Jim Mulligan

Local woman, KateLyn Peters, is the owner of one of Reedley’s newest businesses. Peters is a Reedleyite, Reedley High School grad, Reedley College grad, and Fresno State grad, who jumped at the opportunity to provide printing services based here in Reedley. While she didn’t exactly set her sights on owning a printing business, let alone a printing business in Reedley, way back in college when she was a business student at Reedley College, she did latch onto opportunities that eventually positioned her to acquire and relocate a thriving business to her hometown.

After high school, Peters did what a lot of smart students in and near Reedley do, she took advantage of the great college opportunities right here at Reedley College. She tried to maximize her time at Reedley College by becoming involved and getting a job. Her ambitious spirit landed her a part-time student position in the Career Center, where she had the opportunity to hone her own knowledge by helping other students search for employment. She also became a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society, a statewide organization for community college students who excel academically and come together to participate in community service projects.

While she does have two part-time employees, KateLyn Peters puts in time on the heat transfer machine herself to keep up with orders.

After graduation from Reedley College, Peters decided to become a Bulldog. She continued her business studies at Fresno State, graduating with a degree in Marketing, and yet again taking advantage of opportunities that would eventually pay off handsomely. As part of her degree, Peters needed to participate in an internship, and she knew she wanted one that paid her for her work. Her business acumen and savvy led to her seeking out paid internships, which landed her a position at Square Heart Shops. “I really didn’t even know what they did at first because the name wasn’t very descriptive, but I wanted a paid internship,” explained Peters.

Spirit in Print can handle large scale print jobs with their large printer.

Peters put in more than a year with Square Heart Shops, often acting as a salesperson making personal contact with customers, many of whom were schools in Fresno and Clovis. She eventually became the owner’s second in command, handling much of the production. Then COVID 19 hit and everything changed. Like many businesses, Square Heart Shops took a big hit in sales as the economy almost came to a standstill for a short time. When the business finally did regain some momentum, Peters was one of the only intern/employees that was kept on. Through 2020 and beyond the business did pick back up, but eventually, the owner of Square Heart Shops was ready to move on to other ventures. Peters was asked if she was interested in buying the business: “My initial reaction was no because I know how much work it is. But I talked with my parents about it and my dad actually convinced me that I could do it.” In 2022, KateLyn Peters became the boss and moved the business to Reedley where she christened it with a new name, Spirit in Print.

Customers can come in to see the variety of quality shirts and hats available for printing.

Spirit in Print is the place to come for all one’s printing needs. Shirts, hats, stickers, widow vinyl signs, large scale, small or big orders, and anything with glitter. “People really like the quality of our glitter products,” says Peters. Spirit in Print has continued the large contracts with Fresno and Clovis schools; they provide hundreds of school spirit shirts for many schools. In addition, they can do a few shirts for your family vacation. “We pride ourselves on quality,” says Peters, “Our shirts, hats, and other products are not basic, but are affordable – and we have no minimums.” The shop is also a great place for home crafters to get quality vinyl (heat transfer vinyl) for projects at home. “We carry a variety of high quality HTV vinyl in many colors for purchase.”

When your soccer team, bowling club, dance class, or Rotary group needs some classy customized t-shirts or hats, especially if you’re looking for glitter, look no future than Spirit in Print right here in Reedley. The best way to start your next printing project is to their website.

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Jim Mulligan was born and raised in Selma. He has been employed in Reedley on and off for the last twenty-plus years. He married his college sweetheart, a Reedley-ite, Kristi. They now reside in Reedley amongst their children and grandchildren. Bonsai, traveling the world both near and far, and motorcycling take up most of his free time.


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