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Jul 29, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Jayce Ham

by Jessica Ham

Unfortunately July was a slow month for video games. The summer tends to be slow as developers are busy making games for the holiday season. Summer is a big time for movies but not much for video games.

A game I was very excited about, however, was released on July 20. This game is called Dream Daddy where you play as a bisexual or gay dad whose partner died a few years ago, and you are ready to get back in the dating game. You design your dad character in the beginning of the game, and then you and your daughter Amanda move to the other side of town. In this new neighborhood you meet several other dads. You can then go on dates with these dads and find your “dream daddy.” Dream Daddy falls into the dating simulator game category. The game also features fun little mini games, one that is even in Pokemon battle style. Game Grumps, a popular YouTube group, produced the game. The game was supposed to release on July 13 but was delayed to July 20. The excitement has been big for this game and has been getting rave reviews so far. Dream Daddy is available on the popular gaming PC/Mac platform Steam. I personally have been having a blast with this game and even named my character Jay Gatsby after the main character of my favorite book. game

gameSplatoon 2 was the next big heavy hitter of July. Splatoon 2 is a sequel to Splatoon, a team-based third person shooter with an online multiplayer and single player campaign. The characters are inklings, beings which have the ability to shift between human and squid form. The sequel solves all the bugs and issues people had the with the first game and brings us back into the fun ink splatting world that is Splatoon. Splatoon 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch. This game has received near perfect reviews and has been streamed all over Twitch by major Twitch streamers such as Adam Ellis from Rooster Teeth.

gameDestiny 2, which releases September 6, released its beta for PS4 early access on July 18, Xbox One on July 19, and for all consoles on July 21. Hardcore Destiny fans are very happy with the beta and have been giving it rave reviews. Those who were a little disappointed by Destiny are still skeptical about Destiny 2 after the beta.

During the Telltale Games panel at San Diego Comic Con on July 19, they came out with three big announcements. First, they announced that on August 8, 2017, season 2 of the Batman game titled Batman: The Enemy Within will premiere. The first season was a big hit with Batman and Telltale game fans alike, so season 2 is sure to be very successful. Then, they announced that finally, with many years of waiting from the fans (me included), there would be a season 2 of The Wolf Among Us which will premiere sometime in 2018. Finally, they announced that the fourth season of The Walking Dead will be its last. This season, unlike the third, will go back to featuring the most popular Telltale game’s character around Clementine. The final season will be about Clementine finding the baby she was raising, named A.J. I am sad to say goodbye to my hero and favorite character in the world Clementine, but I am excited to see how her journey ends. Hopefully Clementine gets the happy ending she so surely deserves. game

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