Valley Animal Center: Biggie the Cat is Notoriously Lovable

Jul 23, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Alisia Sanchez

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Biggie’s life went from negative to positive at Valley Animal Center, and he is now ready for adoption!

Biggie is a hefty nine-year-old orange tabby who was spotted in Valley Animal Center’s feral cat sanctuary in May 2019. Animal care staff members attempted to catch Biggie but were unsuccessful, until one day, it appeared Biggie no longer wished to run. He needed help.


In 2021, Biggie was diagnosed with stomatitis, which causes extensive, chronic and painful inflammation in the mouth. Valley Animal Center’s veterinarian, Dr. Jamie Medina, also found that Biggie had kidney failure. Thanks to donations made by community supporters, animals like Biggie can receive medical care at Valley Animal Center. Biggie’s teeth were cleaned, and he had twelve tooth extractions. Some complications did arise during his healing process. He endured a lot of pain and was always drooling. Biggie was given medication until his pain eventually cleared, and he was ready for adoption.

Biggie is notorious for being very lovable. People love his calm demeanor and enjoy seeing his pink tongue nonchalantly hang from his mouth.

In October 2021, Biggie caught someone’s attention and was adopted! The cat care staff members were overjoyed to hear Biggie’s new adopter was ready to care for Biggie’s dental issues.

At his new home, Biggie’s new adopter attempted to brush Biggie’s teeth. Unfortunately, Biggie was not happy about it and gave his new adopter a hard time. At Valley Animal Center, it is always recommended that new adopters give their pets sufficient time to get comfortable with them. With animals like Biggie, it may take longer for them to adjust to their new owner, home, and routine. Biggie was at his new home for twelve days before he was returned due to the owner’s struggle with caring for Biggie’s teeth.

Back at Valley Animal Center, it took some time for Biggie to relax and receive pain management. The attempts to brush his teeth caused Biggie some pain. Fortunately, it did not take long for him to adjust to Valley Animal Center again.

Today, Biggie is ready to give someone else a chance.

Biggie is considered a senior, so he will require regular check-ups. Some of his remaining teeth may eventually have to be extracted as well. It is recommended that Biggie eat only wet food, as he seems to prefer it over dry food. Additionally, due to kidney failure, Biggie will need to have bloodwork done every six months to ensure he remains healthy.

The best home for Biggie would be a quiet one where he’s allowed as much time to explore and rest. He enjoys being petted and will give love to anyone who sits down next to him. He doesn’t seem to care for dogs and will only need a slow introduction to any cat he meets.

“Biggie does seem to be impatient with cats that test his authority as the top king kitty of the room,” Valley Animal Center Animal Care Specialist Anjanette Mendoza said. “Otherwise, he does live easily with other cats.”

If anyone is interested in providing Biggie a furever home, they may visit him at Valley Animal Center’s cat adoption center, open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., located at 3934 N. Hayston Ave. in Fresno. They can also get a head start by filling out the online pre-adoption application found HERE.

To learn more about Biggie, individuals may contact Valley Animal Center’s cat adoption center at (559) 233-8554 or cats@valleyanimal[dot]org.

If individuals can’t adopt Biggie but would still like to support him, they can become a monthly sponsor for Biggie’s care by filling out Valley Animal Center’s Sponsor-A-Pet form. Their sponsorship helps provide Biggie with things like food, toys, blankets, and quality medical care. Sponsor Biggie HERE.

Email: info@valleyanimal[dot]org
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