The Secret Techniques for Grilling the Best Chicken Wings Ever

Jul 17, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Food Fun

by staff

When you remember all of the grilled meat that you have eaten since your childhood, you can attest to the fact that nothing tastes better than grilled poultry, or more so chicken. Once you start eating them, stopping is impossible. You just need to have the right tricks to turn these wings into a sumptuous meal. What would be the ideal grill to use? Smoker grill vs. regular grill? Provided the performance is excellent, both should help you make tasty wings.

That is alongside the following tips.

1. Make sauce
The sauce makes the whole difference. This will help you enjoy your wings on another level. It is quite easy to prepare. All you need are a few natural ingredients to do the magic. A good example would be sautéing minced garlic in butter in a saucepan until tender. From there, you can add other ingredients like cloves, depending on what you would love to have in your sauce. Bring the mixture to a boil and set it aside and get ready for the wings.

2. Clean your grill
Your food will always come out perfect if you start by cleaning your grill. Stuck on food will alter the taste of your chicken and also end up giving your food a burnt taste. It is not what you want, right?

So before you get started, make sure that your grill is clean. If there is stuck food, turn the grill on, let it burn for a short while as it will be easier to scrap it off. Also, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to avoid spoiling the grill. Once it is sparkling clean, you can brush oil on the grill rack.

3. Start grilling

It is always essential to prepare the grill for the food if you are to get good results. Once you have oiled the grill, you can turn it on to medium heat. You are now ready to place your wings on the oiled and clean grill rack and cover it. How long should it stay in the heat? In order to make it crispy, brown and preserve the juices, it is advisable that you let it grill for not less than 30 minutes. Also, be careful not to leave it on the heat for too long to avoid overcooking.

Turn the wings regularly until they turn brown. For the charcoal grill, it might be a bit difficult to regulate the heat. However, you can check the intensity by placing your hand over the grate for a few seconds. If you get uncomfortable, then the temperature might be a little too much. Bring it to medium heat; you should be okay placing your hand a few inches over the grill for a couple of seconds.

4. Baste
Now, this is the part where you make your wings rich with flavor. Remember the sauce that you set aside? This is the time to bring it back into play. What tools do you need here? A brush or a spoon would be okay. However, it is recommended to use a brush, as it will help you baste evenly. Using the brush, spread the sauce over your wings while turning your wings over and repeating the process.

This process should last around 15 minutes. Also, some ingredients tend to burn faster than others. It is therefore crucial that as you baste, you look out for charring. You do not want your wings to burn and be bitter. Also, note that charring is not a sign that your food is well cooked. You should consider using low heat if you notice that your wings are burning faster than they are cooking.

Also, remember that basting is not for raw food. Wait until it is cooked.

5. Check if it is done
It is always good to have a meat thermometer while grilling. This is to help you establish whether or not your food is well cooked. Use the thermometer to check if your wings have reached the right temperature. An internal temperature of 165 °F is a good indicator. If the wings have reached this temperature, then you are free to remove them from the grill.

6. Serve your wings
The perfect wings will be tender on the inside and have a crispy coat. You can now proudly serve your wings. If you like, you can use more of the sauce you made in the first step. Grilled wings will go well with most foods: carrots and other vegetables will be okay.

Practice makes perfect. Also try grilling different parts of the chicken like drumsticks, and thighs and so on. You are allowed to experiment once you are good with the basics. You can never go wrong with the tips above. Everyone will love your grilled wings!


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