Hiking Trails You Can Explore in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore

Jun 25, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Travel

by staff

Singapore is not only known for business startups and man-made attractions, but also for its well-maintained and preserved nature reserves. If you are planning to visit this island-state for your next vacation, this is the best time to make your itinerary. As you do this, consider the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, especially if you love hiking, cycling, and interacting with nature.paid post

It is one of the best maintained natural habitats in Singapore and is located just 12km from the CBD. According to reports, it has a rich, diverse, and pristine ecological system for this part of southern Asia. But for today, let’s dive into the best hiking trails that you can enjoy when there.

Butik Timah Trails

The reserve itself is full of interesting trails that will lead you to the peak. They are thrilling enough as only the vegetation and sounds of nature surround the hikers. Occasionally, you will meet other hikers descending and a few wild animals that are not considered threats. However, you will need a guide for many reasons, including getting the history of the reserve, flora, and fauna, as well as the safety of the park.

Dairy Farm Nature Park

Most people prefer this area because it is more natural than many others around Butik Timah. The trails are more rugged and muddy while the slabs are old and scary. However, experts claim that they are very safe and the primary reason to leave them that way is to make the trails more pristine.

If you are going to climb up the trails, you should be prepared for a day full of adrenaline. But the good thing is that agents from One Visa agency will prepare your mind for this when processing your travel visa and itinerary.

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Kampong Trail
I chose to begin with this trail because it is one of the best but is also the least spoken about by most travel experts. It is best because there is little traffic from tourists and you get to enjoy even the smallest sounds of nature. The trails come from the edge of Butik Timah reserve all the way to Mac Ritchie, but this 16km distance requires people who are physically fit. If you want to terminate your hike after a shorter distance, you can hike all the way to Chestnut Park.

Chestnut Park Trails
This is a popular hiking area in this region of Singapore. It is also known by cyclists as a great destination because it is a whole 81 hectares of land dominated by natural trails. People usually spend an entire day here without getting bored at all.

You and your group can choose one of the many trails to follow in this nature park, and each is packed with excellent scenery and surprises. Dressing for the occasion is one of the biggest recommendations.

As you enjoy these popular hiking trails in the Butik Timah area, you should also know that there are many others that you can also consider. This is for those who have been on these trails before and would like to try something new. But for first timers, you cannot afford to miss these.

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