A Multitude of Podcast Mysteries

Jun 22, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Kayla J Borree

Nothing is more suspenseful than the first few moments of a mystery show or novel. Those moments in which you are first getting to know a character despite full understanding that something, something terrifying, is about to happen leaves most people with a feeling of excitement and unease in their stomach. Humans have been curious on mysteries for ages; something is oddly satisfying about a topic so baffling that we can’t quite explain it. Podcasts, a relatively new source of entertainment, have picked up on this interest and many of them have latched onto it, enabling a variety of content to be provided. Here are a list of five to check out!

podcastsCrime Café
Crime Café is a podcast that dives into the genre of mystery novels. They describe themselves as a podcast that explores “great mystery, suspense, noir, and thriller reading!” With a bestselling New York Times author named Debbi Mack interviewing a variety of other amazing crime and mystery authors this star-studded podcast is a must listen. Their seasons air from July to April so make sure to go check them out as soon as possible to get caught up before July comes back around!

Someone Knows Something
Someone Knows Something is a different flavor of mystery. It’s on season 5 now and each season explores a new unsolved murder. The hosts interview family, friends, and others involved with the murders as they try to uncover the truth. Join them as they try to solve the mystery out there because in the end, no matter what, somebody must know something.

podcastMysteryrat’s Maze Podcast
Of course, it is important to recognize Mysteryrat’s Maze Podcast. Created by King’s River Life Magazine themselves, this podcast has the best of both worlds. The entirety of short mystery stories as well as a few interesting first chapters are read by locals in this delightful and intriguing podcast. Make sure to tune in and subscribe to their Podbean page because they do an amazing job of keeping everyone in the loop!?

Very Superstitious
If you are interested in the magic behind superstitions, you’ll love this podcast. While its type of mystery differs a bit from the others, Very Superstitious dives into the things we say and do each day that are superstition related and figures out what exactly makes us do them. Each episode they post is full of wit and banter between the cohosts so check it out asap!

We Never Solved Anything!
We Never Solved Anything! Is a podcast that supplies insight on exactly how many types of mysteries are out there in the world. Each episode carries a different mystery theme, from music to murder, and the two hosts try their hardest to solve it. The name itself states how this usually plays out, of course.

While the world is a mysterious place, it doesn’t have to be scary. Embrace the mystery and be safe, friends.

Editor’s Note: Here are a few more of the many mystery and crime related podcasts out there that we recommend:

Destination Mystery
Read or Dead
Speaking of Mysteries
My Favorite Murder (True Crime)

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