Glasgow, Scotland Is Pure Dead Brilliant

May 31, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Karen Lewis, Travel

by Karen Lewis

Glasgow is pure dead brilliant! It is a city in Central Scotland and is known for art and culture, architecture, music and history. The best way to understand and experience Glasgow is to simply visit the great city. There are lots of things to do and see, and there is something for everyone of all ages.

The people from Glasgow are called Glaswegians, and although they speak English, they speak it in their own unique Glaswegian way. For example, when they don’t know someone’s name, men are often called ‘Jimmy’ and the women are called ‘Hen.’ You often hear the expressions “See you Jimmy” and “Alright Hen.” Another phrase you may often hear is “Guan Yersel,” which is meant to be a motivating comment that means “Go on yourself.” And last but not least, the famous phrase “Pure Dead Brilliant!” which is often used to describe something that is fantastic or great, especially if it is said with enthusiasm.

Some of the places you may want to visit are:

Provan’s Lordship

What was once originally part of a hospital, Provan’s Lordship stands today as the oldest house in Glasgow, built in 1471, and one of the four medieval buildings still remaining. When you enter the front door of this amazing house you are stepping into the past, bringing you to a medieval time period brought to life. This house provides you with a fascinating glimpse into what life would have been like back then, as well as a real insight into the interior décor of an old Glasgow house.


Provan's Lordship

Behind the house on Castle Street, you can visit the beautiful St Nicholas Garden with its unique stone masks. Entry into Provan’s Lordship is free of charge although donations are welcome. Across the street, you can also tour St. Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life & Art.

Glasgow Cathedral

The 12th century medieval Glasgow Cathedral shows a prestigious architectural achievement and is admired by many. The Cathedral contains one of the most beautiful collections of post-war stained glass windows in Britain and is a must see for every tourist. Life inside the cathedral has continued for the past 800 years with ongoing and active congregational services every Sunday since the day it opened.

The great preacher John Wesley once preached at this very cathedral and wrote about his experience there in his journal.

The Gallery of Modern Art

This building is situated in Royal Exchange Square in the city centre. It is an 18th century building and is the most visited modern and contemporary arts museum in Scotland.

When you visit galleries like this, you see the expression of creativity brought to life by the many artists who may study and live there and have experienced the Glasgow life. They bring a fresh inspiration for the exchange of ideas to life in general in the areas of humanity and their experiences.


Gallery of Modern Art

You could also visit the Kelvingrove Art Galleries, which is also free entry.

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

The concert hall opened in 1990, the year Glasgow was declared the European City of Culture. It hosts a variety of quality music of all kinds and is also the main venue for Celtic connections, the world’s largest winter music festival.


Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Be sure to find out what events are on during your visit.


The Glasgow Barrowland Market, otherwise known as the Barras, is a market place with a variety of stalls, indoor covered markets as well as outdoor street stalls. Boots, Kilts, fruit ‘n’ veg and antiques are some examples of what is on offer. The Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom is also at this location and is a well known venue for rock bands, as well as many other gigs and concerts which are held there.

Street Life


African Street Entertainer

Glasgow streets always seem to have a buzz and a great atmosphere with street entertainers and music playing. The main shopping areas which are popular are Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan St., and Argyl St.
Also, there are some lovely boutiques and independent shops on Byres road in the West End. If you want to find indoor shopping, Buchanan Galleries, found at the top of Buchanan Street near the Royal Concert Halls is one of the main indoor shopping malls.

The climate in Central Scotland is a lot like Seattle. If you happen to get a great day then it can be one of the most beautiful places on earth. You are really spoiled for choice as for places to eat. There is Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Turkish to name a few, but you can basically find any kind of ethnic food, as it is a very cosmopolitan city.

Why not try the traditional Scottish meal of Haggis, neeps & tatties at Black Sheep Bistro or Cail Bruich. For Fish and Chips, Harry Ramsden’s may be a good option to check out. It is found off M8 motorway near the River Clyde.

It could be quite difficult to find your way around Glasgow if you drive as Glasgow has a one-way system, which may be confusing for tourists. However, the city has a very good transport system so finding your way around is manageable as there are all forms of transport available. There is Buchanan bus station as well as Queen Street & Central train stations. You can buy an all day ticket for £4 British pounds (about $5.50) on the underground subway trains, which may be worth considering. Taxis are reasonably priced, though they can be expensive after midnight.

For those who want to venture out of Glasgow on their visit you will see some of Scotland’s breathtaking scenery as well as coastlines, ancient castles, and wildlife. Depending how far you want to travel, you could visit anything from Stirling and Edinburgh castle to Loch Ness, where you will find out about the legendary story of the Loch Ness monster.

Why not consider taking a trip to Glasgow, Scotland today to experience what pure dead Brilliance is all about.

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Karen Lewis was born in Scotland and is currently living in Glasgow with her husband Chris, who is originally from Reedley. They are both serving in Christian ministry. She enjoys writing and blogs at Beyond The Horizon. Her story, “The Dead Body,” was published in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just us Girls last year.


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