Jessica’s May 2020 Video Game News

May 30, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Jayce Ham

by Jessica Ham

Despite what is currently going on in the world right now, the video game industry is thriving. Companies have found ways of still producing games while being at home and are taking the opportunity to give something for those staying at home to do.

video gameUnfortunately, there was a little bit of bad news this month. Content for Last of Us 2 was leaked earlier this month, spoiling some of the game for those who happened upon the leaks. Fans reaction to the leaked content is not great, as players have complained that there are some controversial and upsetting scenes having to do with the main character Ellie. Leaks are an unfortunate part of the video game world, but I do my best to avoid them. I am still excited to play the sequel, despite some of the fans complaints. Last of Us 2 releases on June 19.

The Playstation 5 details were announced earlier this month. The PS5 is set to release during the holidays this year, giving people time to buy it for their loved ones for Christmas. The PS5 will have faster download and loading speeds, higher performance, and better graphics without affecting the power use or causing the system to overheat and make loud noises (like the PS4), higher bandwidth, and better sound quality.

Fallout 76 has been a source of disaster for a while now. The battle royale version of Fallout not only is a broken game but Bethesda continuously proves that they do not know what people want. The game was sixty-dollars, unlike Fortnite which is free, which would be fine if they did not keep finding new ways to charge people money. If players want any of the exclusives or anything that could actually make the game fun, they have to pay for a $100 a year subscription. That was ridiculous enough, but now Bethesda has announced that there will also be a battle pass with exclusive content, which also costs money. A game that costs sixty dollars should not require that much more extra money just to enjoy it.

The long anticipated game Ghost of Tsushima finally got an online preview that showed off amazing features of the amazing game set to release on July 17. The game will have varying difficulty modes. Ghost is open-world and can be played with no help. Horses can be used to travel to different parts of the world.

While there were not very many notable game releases this month, the rest of the summer is shaping up to be an epic time for video games.

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