Reedley High School Teacher Profile: Kimberly Alves

May 25, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Education, Reedley News, Teens

by Asami Nelson

Math is a difficult subject to understand, with all its complex formulas that require logical thinking but also creativity. At Reedley High, Kimberly Alves is always available to assist students in understanding this important material.

Being her third year at RHS, Alves teaches the classes Math 2 and Math 3E, which is an advanced version of the regular Math 3 course. Alves will also be teaching the Calculus AP course at RHS the next school year. She has been in the district for fifteen years. Instructing sophomores, but primarily juniors, who will move on next year to the Statistics or Calculus course, she prepares them for these future classes in their senior year. Junior year is notable for being a high schooler’s most academically rigorous year, and Alves does an excellent job in preparing students for the annual state testing taken by juniors. She is always available during breaks or after school if students require tutoring, and always makes sure to inform students that they are welcome for extra help.


Kimberly Alves in her Math 3E class

In extracurricular activities, Alves is the coach for the Girls’ Wrestling Team at RHS, leading them to Valley Championships with her encouragement and positive attitude. Their winter season took them to new heights as several girls on the team went to the championships this year. Alves especially enjoys sports and is a big fan of exercise and staying active, which only increases her desire to maintain a strong wrestling team.

Leslie Bastian, a junior in her Math 3E class, commented, “I enjoy that she always tries to relate with the students and make them feel comfortable. She does her best to help students while also encouraging them to think independently.”

A junior named Hunter Shamp in the same class claimed, “I enjoy her class and how it feels like an open and welcoming environment. There’s never a dull class, and it’s a great way to wake up in the morning.”

Kimberly Alves with her Lady Pirates Wrestling Team

“What I enjoy most is teaching students a subject I love,” Alves stated. “I like it best when I am able to get the concepts across to as many students as I can and to see their success with the material.”

Alves’s outgoing personality combined with her ability to relax and joke around with the students makes her class an enjoyable and positive experience. She is always present at her job and never misses a day in class unless it involves her wrestling team. Her dedication to teaching her students coupled with her ability to be strict and relaxed whenever necessary makes her an excellent addition to the RHS staff.

Asami Nelson is 16, a junior, and hopes to attend Stanford University as a Biology major, planning to become a microbiologist.


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