Hallmark Movies and Mysteries: Trio of New Hailey Dean Mysteries

May 25, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Mysteryrat's Maze, TV

by Doward Wilson

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has just introduced three new Hailey Dean Mysteries. Death On Duty, A Prescription For Murder, and Killer Sentence stars Kellie Martin as a therapist and former district attorney lawyer Hailey Dean, Viv Leacock as Fincher Garland an investigator for the district attorney’s office, and Lauren Holly as the current district attorney and Hallie’s former mentor. Author Nancy Grace also makes a cameo appearance in each movie.

hallmark mystery movieIn Death On Duty, Hailey helps Fincher investigate the death of his Marine friend who was an inspector for civilian contractors. His body was found in a local park, covered over with leaves. The Marines have stepped in to investigate the death, but Hailey and Fincher conduct their own investigation. The Marines are calling the death a mugging gone wrong, but Hailey and Fincher are sure it is murder. When a second body of a female Marine is found in the same park, the investigation takes a turn in a new direction and a conspiracy is found!

In A Prescription For Murder, Fincher’s girlfriend, Dr. Meghan Phillips, becomes a top suspect in the murder of the CEO of Atlanta Memorial Hospital. When more murders occur at the hospital, the list of suspects grows as does Hailey’s and Fincher’s investigation. Are they hunting an insidious killer who has their own agenda or someone who is acting as an “Angel of Death”? Can Hailey and Fincher find the killer and save Meghan’s reputation or will they lose out to a vicious murderer?hallmark mystery movie

hallmark mystery movieIn A Killer Sentence, Hailey’s old boss District Attorney Paulina D’Orazio, played by Lauren Holly, is accused of harrassing a parolee who she prosecuted for murder. Things are in a turmoil in the DA’s Office, and Paulina is working to find evidence that has been misplaced or lost. In the meantime, Paulina is found to be stalking the parolee, determined to catch him up on something, and send him back behind bars. When Hailey and Fincher find the man murdered, Paulina quickly becomes the top suspect. As the evidence mounts against her, Hailey and Fincher are hard pressed to find out who the real murderer is and some of Paulina’s behavior only makes her look guiltier.

This trilogy of movies is extremely well done. I really enjoyed the back and forth that the actors use in every scene and how well they work together. The mystery plots are very well done and each ending comes as a complete surprise. Any mystery buff will enjoy these movies. Hallmark has done an overall excellent job in making these excellent shows. These are “Must See” movies!

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Doward Wilson is a retired and avid cozy, paranormal, and adventure reader who can’t say no to most books. He recently moved from Independence, Missouri to Gladbrook, Iowa. Located in Central Iowa, Gladbrook (population 900+) is small town, rural farming at its best.


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