New Hallmark Mystery Movies: Riddle Me Dead/The Art Of The Kill

May 15, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Movies, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Doward Wilson

Riddle Me Dead is the fifth and newest Crossword Mysteries entry on Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries channel starring Lacey Chabert as crossword puzzle editor Tess Harper and Brennan Elliott as New York Detective Logan O’Connor. Tess has been hired to read clues on a well know game show, but when the host is found murdered Tess joins Logan in investigating the crime.

The suspects include the intern who was recently fired by the murdered host. Is she telling truth about seeing a suspect fleeing the building or is she lying to protect someone? How about the producer who doesn’t know all that is going on in the show? Then we have the show’s floor runner who was best friends with the murdered man. Besides being Tess’s ex-fiancé, what other secrets is he hiding? How about the show’s editor whose alibi is to be found on his hard drive. Then we have the show’s contestant who is about to break records with his winning streak and over two million dollars in prize money. Is he somehow cheating like former co-contestants are saying, or is he really that good?

This was an excellent installment in the Crossword Puzzles franchise. The cast works very well together and put on a great performance. The plot is well done with lots of red herrings thrown in leading to a surprising conclusion.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) It is interesting to see Chabert and Elliot connecting so well in this mystery series, since fans also know them as the couple from the three Hallmark All of My Love movies. But, did you recognize the actor portraying Hunter Hall, the ex-fiancé? It’s Jon Cor who played opposite Lacey Chabert in Love on Safari.

The Matchmaker Mysteries presents the third movie, The Art Of The Kill, starring Danica McKellar as professional matchmaker Angie Dove and Victor Webster as Detective Kyle Carter. Also, starring is Bruce Boxleitner as Angie’s father Nick Columba, a retired detective.

When Angie and her father stumble upon a murdered professor at an art museum while Nick is investigating a series of thefts from the employees, the three of them get pulled into the investigation. Was the professor’s assistant involved with the murder, and what secrets was she hiding about their relationship? How about the professor’s estranged sister who recently hit him up for a loan? What are her secrets? Then we have the professor’s recent intern who had his camera stolen from the professor’s office. Is he involved with the murder? What part does the art gallery who sold the museum its latest exhibit play in all this? The professor was involved in proving the exhibit was real and not a fake. After all the museum had paid five million dollars for the statues on exhibit!

This is a well-done murder plot with lots of twists and turns. I like how the cast comes together to give a stellar performance. I loved the sub plot with Bruce Boxleitner and his investigation of the employee thefts. It merged with the main murder mystery very smoothly.

I highly recommend both these wonderful movies for a great evening’s entertainment!

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