Juno, A Little Chihuahua With A Big Heart: An Animal Rescue Adventure

May 2, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Deborah Young

Juno, a six-pound Chihuahua and the pack leader of Juno’s Place on Facebook, was adopted when she was two months old (and sick with pneumonia!). I nursed her back to health and now the little Chihuahua is a goodwill icon, doing big things with a huge heart and personality. Juno works patiently and tirelessly with children and adults, teaching them kindness and respect toward animals—and, in the process, kindness and respect toward each other as well.



Juno is often the “spokesdog” for the latest parade, dog walk, or other fundraiser whose proceeds go toward rescuing animals, providing vet care or housing, or just making an animal’s life more comfortable. She is mightier than most of her canine peers when it comes to serious activism!

Juno’s calm demeanor and gentle disposition toward children and adults make her the perfect ambassador and trusted friend: she sees event fundraisers as an opportunity to engage and interact with the public.juno

Organizations Juno’s supported include Kane’s Krusade, Spay Worcester, Pet Rock Festival, The Cold Noses Foundation, SweetPea Animal Shelter, Massachusetts Vest- A -Dog, Paws For A Cause and Ending B.S.L. Juno campaigned on behalf of SweetPea shelter and was awarded a Petco Foundation grant totaling $18,461.00. This provided needed renovations and the construction of the Freedom Yard.

And she doesn’t confine their efforts to animals! Juno’s Paw-it-Forward project collects supplies for a school where 98% of the students live at the poverty level. Items such as backpacks, school supplies, clothing, and food are donated yearly. She also helps in the fight against cancer: in 2014, Juno raised $1,000.00 for the A.C.S. Relay For Life as well as a “Christmas in August “ for a preschooler fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia. juno

We’re currently spearheading the “Speak Up” nationwide campaign encouraging people to recognize the link between domestic violence and animal abuse. Experts agree that statistics about abuse, while disturbing, probably downplay the true magnitude of domestic violence. Cross-reporting requires law enforcement and social agencies to report abuse and collaborate in investigations; in some states, animal protection agencies must also report suspected child abuse, and child protective services must also report suspected animal cruelty.

Many people don’t believe that animal abuse and neglect happens close to home, and Juno’s Place helps them understand that it’s in their own backyard—they just have to look and be aware.juno

Juno’s Place has 131,000 followers actively engaged in Juno’s causes. But Juno’s Facebook page is not just about bringing awareness to various animal causes; it’s also about helping humans and spreading happiness. We get emails and comments from her “pack,” saying that she’s a bright spot in their day. Perhaps they’re going through a divorce, taking care of a sick relative or friend, or have just lost someone—be it human or animal; whatever the issue, they respond to Juno and her message of love. Even people suffering from depression admit that Juno makes them smile. Juno’s Place hopes to continue to grow and make a difference in the lives of humans and animals.

Juno is currently an “emerging hero” nominee in the 2015 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards. She’s a little dog, but she does big things!

You can learn more about Juno and keep up with her projects, if you “like” the Juno’s Place Facebook page: www.facebook.com/JunosPlace.

You can find more animal rescue, therapy animal, and other pet related articles in our pet section.

Deborah Young lives in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, where she works at Standard Auto Parts, a family owned business. Loving animals runs in her family. She works with abandoned and abused felines in Worcester, Massachusetts.


  1. She is my pack leader. You see now all she does for animals and people. She truly deserves to wIn the American Humane Association emerging Hero Dog of the Year award. I will be attending the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills and I do expect Juno to be there.

  2. Really big job for such a little dog! Well Done! Good luck in the AHS contest

  3. Juno is proof that good things come in small packages!


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