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Apr 29, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Jayce Ham

by Jessica Ham

So many video games have come out in April, it would be impossible to play them all. But that does not stop people from trying. Let’s plays (videos of people playing a video game) have been uploaded at high levels this month.

gameThe first big game to come out in April was Persona 5, the sixth installment in a popular series of Japanese role playing games. The developers say, however, you do not need to play the previous games to play and understand this one. Each game features a stand alone story. Persona 5 takes place in Tokyo and follows the protagonist through a full school year at Shujin Academy where the students are awakened to their “persona” powers. This game was much anticipated by fans of the series and has, since released on April 4, been revered by critics as one of the greatest role playing games of all time.

gameYooka-Laylee, a spiritual successor to the famous game series Banjo-Kazooie, was released on April 11. Like Banjo-Kazooie, the player plays as two characters and is a 3-D platformer that is very kid friendly. You play as a male chameleon named Yooka and a female bat named Laylee. Yooka and Laylee leave their home to explore the halls of a business called the Hivory Towers to find pages needed to explore the Grand Tomes as they fight villains Capital B and Dr. Quack who want to destroy literature for money. The game has received some disappointing reviews as they said the game design and feel was outdated. They appreciated the throwback to 90s games but felt that it had no place in modern gaming.

gameOutlast 2, the sequel to the very popular horror game Outlast, released on April 25. The storyline is completely separate from the first game but has the same gameplay aspects, such as hiding from the bad guys more than using weapons and navigating many rooms to find items to move forward in the story. Outlast 2 is much more terrifying than the first game, which is saying something as the first one made me cry I was so terrified. A game demo released a few months ago and received a lot of positive feedback.

A personal favorite of mine, The Walking Dead Game, released season 3 episode 4 on April 25. This was a much quicker release than expected as the last episode was just released March 28. Season 3 has not received as positive reviews as Season 1, but it still loved as a whole by

Recently Microsoft announced a new Xbox console called Xbox Scorpio. This, according to Microsoft, will be the most powerful console ever. It will have 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, 4K gaming, and will be compatible with Xbox One games. The console is coming Holiday 2017.

Jessica Ham is 24 years old and an ongoing contributor. With a love of all things nerdy, she’s right at home covering entertainment.

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