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Apr 21, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Travel

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As the popularity of Airbnb rises since it was founded in 2008, more and more owners consider putting up their properties on the platform for letting or renting, and the rental industry got the boost that it needed.

There is no denying that managing a rental property can be pretty challenging, either long-term or short-term. Especially with Airbnb, you have to maintain your listing, screen potential guests, communicate with applicants — and the list of tasks for property owners goes on. It can take so much time, money, and effort just to have your property up. This is what Airbnb managements are for.

If you are a property owner who wants to put up your home for rental but cannot commit to the tedious process of personally accommodating guests, we might help you out. Here is basic information that you should know about Airbnb management.

What is an Airbnb management service?
Airbnb management services are offered by companies that can manage your listing and do various tasks for your rental properties. They provide multiple services like taking charge of your listing in Airbnb, choosing potential guests among a pool of offers, communicating and meeting with guests, cleaning your property, and advertising your listing. They will do everything that has to be done from start to finish.

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What to look for when hiring an Airbnb management?
If you are set on hiring an Airbnb management, our first advice would be to choose which company to hire carefully. You are about to entrust them with your property and business, so you want someone that can take responsibilities and fulfill them. Here are the traits of a good Airbnb management company:

1. Complete services
As much as possible, hire management that offers several services. Just like what we mentioned above, these companies can provide services from communicating with guests, managing Airbnb listings to cleaning out after every let. The more services they offer, the more tasks you can delegate, which means you have fewer worries.

2. Reliable management
Your goal in hiring a management service is to delegate the tasks that you can no longer handle. You want to hire someone that can follow specific instructions and can fulfill them. The management also has to be trustworthy.

3. Credibility
Hire a company which services are already proven and tested to be efficient. You can always look into the management’s reviews from their previous clients to see their experiences.

4. Good communication
Not only do you need a management service that can communicate with you and immediately update you, but they should also be able to kindly communicate with your guests from the time they book your property until the day that they arrive.

5. Fair charge

The average costs of an Airbnb management service are 20% of the rental rate per night. Each company charges differently. Some cost less, while some can be pretty expensive.

6. An excellent advertising platform
One of the services Airbnb management can provide is advertising your listing. You want to maximize this opportunity for added marketing, so you must consider the company’s ability to promote your rental property. Creating comprehensive listing descriptions and posting high-quality photos can be included in their tasks.

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