Rio 2: Movie Review

Apr 21, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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Rio 2 is a sequel that starts up their story a few years after the first movie, Rio. Blu, Jewel and their three children are thought to be the only Spix’s Macaws left in existence. However, Blu’s former owner, Linda and her husband Tulio who is an ornithologist, discover that there may be more Spix’s living in the Amazon. When Jewel hears this, she wants to go and check it out for herself. Blu isn’t excited about the idea but goes along with it. Their friends, Nico, Rafeal, and Pedro, join Blu and his family as they head for the Amazon, although they are going more to look for talent for the upcoming carnival they want to put on. movie poster

On their adventure, they discover there is a large flock of Spix’s in the Amazon and the leader happens to be Jewel’s father. To make the plot more interesting we discover there are illegal loggers cutting down trees that will destroy the birds home if they are not stopped. Blu and Jewel’s old enemy Nigel, who is a cockatoo, follows them to the forest with his friends Gabi (a frog that is thought to be poisonous) and an Ant Eater named Charlie. Nigel is seeking revenge and hopes Gabi will poison the birds.

Rio 2 at first started off slow but became more interesting once the birds made it to the Amazon. I liked how well the animation was done and all the crisp and bright colors helped bring the birds to life. It’s a cute movie with a lot of funny points in it and full of some pretty cool musical scenes. I thought it was quite funny that Blu traveled with a fanny pack.

I felt that the revenge sought by Nigel was a bit overdone and didn’t add much to the story, but his frog friend Gabi was pretty funny. She was in love with Nigel but couldn’t touch him because of her being poison. I enjoyed seeing it in 3D. My daughter was quite fascinated with how it felt like some of the birds were coming right at us. This is a fun movie that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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  1. I am not sure if my kid is going to like it or not. He only likes Despicable Me! Anyway I will propose to him. He’s only 3 years old. Is it Ok to bring him to the cinema for the first time?


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