11 Best Hikes to Experience in Beautiful Arizona

Apr 14, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Travel

by staff

Arizona is an incredibly diverse state with a lot of amazing scenery to explore. The mountains offer spectacular views and wondrous ponderosa pines, and there are many beautiful trails for you to explore on foot. For hikers, this region has a lot to offer. You can stretch your legs by hiking bizarre rock formations, mesas, canyons, and even volcanoes. For those of you that are interested in hiking, there are many Phoenix hiking tours that will help guide you during your trips on some of the most beautiful trails in Arizona. Here is our list of the top trails in the beautiful state of Arizona.

1. Bright Angel Trail
This steep trail leads from the brink of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim to the depth of it. It is a long hike that requires a full day if you wish to hike down towards the Colorado River. The hike offers good day-destinations along the 12 mile hike.

2. Bull Pasture/Estes Canyon Loop Trail
This trail is situated near the Mexico border in the south corner and has incredible views. It offers a scenic view over the Sheer cliff, desert, and canyon. This is the only trail that has organ pipe cactuses along with abundant wildlife.

3. Echo Canyon Trail
This trail is situated above the desert and is also called Sky Island. It has towering rock structures and stretches along 3.5 miles. The landscape is scenic but the trail passes through a narrow slot between the rocks called, Wall Street.

4. Cathedral Rock Trail
It is one of the landmarks in Sedona and has popular energy vortexes. Hikers can go towards the Cathedral Rock for a wonderful view. Some parts of this in-and-out hike are steep and require the hikers to use all limbs for climbing.

5. The Trail of Time, South Rim
Stretching between Geology Museum and Yavapai Point and Verkamp Visitor Center, this trail offers a wheelchair-accessible walk along the canyon. The rocks on this trail are billions of years old and offer a glimpse into the Grand Canyon’s geological history.

6. South Kaibab Trail to Ooh Aah Point
This trail is the best option to hike if you want to get to the heart of the canyon. The dramatic ridgeline offers a spectacular view. The best time to hike on this trail is between March and October. There is no shade so you had better bring water to quench your thirst.

7. Trail to Bright Angel Point

This trail starts close to the North Rim Visitor Center and is only about 0.5 miles long. The hikers can see some amazing views of the Canyon from here. The best part is that it is wheelchair-accessible. However, pets are not allowed on the trail.

8. Trail to Angel’s Window and Cape Royal
This is another trail that offers spectacular views at Cape Royal, extending on 0.6 miles with a flat trail. Hikers can take amazing photos of the Colorado River and Angel’s Window.

9. Kachina Trail
This trail takes you between open meadows, groves of aspens, and ponderosa pines, and showcases the best forest spectacles in Arizona. It is a 10 mile-long trail.

10. Lava Flow Trail
This trail offers an ethereal setting of Sunset Crater. It is an easy trail with black lava sand with two loops. The upper one is 0.25 miles long with wheelchair accessibility, while the lower loop descends into the Sunset Crater.

11. West Fork Oak Creek Trail
This is a three miles long trail, which offers an easy walk in all seasons. The steep canyon walls are covered with aspens, oaks, pines, and crosses the creek.
These are easy-to-do hikes that can be attempted by anyone. Some are thrilling and not for the light-hearted, but surely offer a great deal of adventure.

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