Divergent: Movie Review

Mar 31, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Jayce Ham, Movies

by Jessica Runnels

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Divergent is the right movie for you. It has action, romance, and a brave heroine, everything you could want in a movie. I personally am in love with the Divergent book series so I was very excited to finally see the movie. I know that book to movie adaptations aren’t always great but this one was. It was exactly like the book. They had to cut a couple of minor things but that’s understandable. You can’t have an entire book word for word in a movie. It just wouldn’t make sense.

Divergent is set years after a huge war that destroyed most of the world, those who lived in the big city of Chicago were lucky enough to survive. To keep lasting peace a woman named Jeanine created a faction system. Each faction is a different personality type. When you are 16 years old you take a test to determine which faction you most belong to. Beatrice Prior, the main heroine, is turning 16 and must decided whether she wants to stay in her family’s faction or truly become herself and choose a different one. Her test does not go as planned but I will leave it at that. The faction system is a fascinating concept; the most creative of all of the Dystopian universes in my opinion.

Shailene Woodley who plays Beatrice Prior is a brilliant actress and is exactly how I imagined Beatrice. Another stand out actor is Theo James who plays Four. Those characters are crucial to the story and it was important that they picked the perfect actors, and they did.

I promise you will not be disappointed with this movie. Some say it is not emotional and in depth enough in comparison to the book, but I disagree. I think it does the book justice and that everyone can enjoy this action packed, emotional rollercoaster that is Divergent.

Check out the official trailer on YouTube.

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  1. I watch this movie one week ago.i awesome man i just love it.i thnik tommorow i will watch again 😉


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