What Do People Want To Eat On St. Patrick’s Day?

Mar 13, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Food Fun

by Peggy Hatfield

Feasts and celebrations are incomplete without all the delicious foods, and we all know that simple occasions will become special if there are foods to share with your family and friends. You can only see and taste certain foods during a particular event, which is why some people look forward to the experience. One of the most famous celebrations includes St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional event that happens yearly in Ireland every 17th of March. People in Ireland do this celebration in remembering Ireland’s patron saint, who ministered the Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. Food plays a big role in the festivities! If you are preparing food, don’t forget to put on your best kitchen gloves to be able to whip out the best dishes for St. Patrick’s Day. If you are not familiar with the best foods people love during the said celebration, and don’t know what to prepare, use this article as a guide on how to prepare the best dish for St. Patrick’s Day for friends and family.

The 7 Best Food that People Love in Ireland
If you plan to visit Ireland and join the locals in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, you must know how they celebrate it and the do’s and don’ts during the celebration. You need to know how they practice their celebration to avoid disrespecting their culture and traditions. Also, expect festive events and delicious foods in Ireland. Here are some of the foods that people love, and you must never waste the opportunity to enjoy every bite.

Irish Soda Bread
If you are a fan of pastry, do not miss the opportunity to experience this extraordinary bread. Enjoy the sweetness in every bite with a taste of orange zest and currant.

Irish Stew
Are you looking for a delicious, creamy, and mouthwatering dish? Irish Stew will be a great choice. Experience the tenderness of the lamb with carrots and potatoes. Do not forget to top it with herbs and butter.

Cheddar Chive Shamrock Scones
Are you a fan of salty treats? Experience the crispness of combining eggs, milk powder, chives, and salt shaped like a four-leaf clover. Enjoy every bite with a savory dip of your choice. shamrock

Shepherd’s Pie
This dish is unique because of its special recipe. Dark beer is the secret recipe to make this dish extraordinary. Dark beer will serve as the stew base, combined with mashed potato, melted cheddar cheese, and chopped parsley. A unique and mouthwatering dish that most people will love.

How much do you appreciate side dishes? Try this traditional Irish side dish. It is a combination of cabbage and mashed potatoes. Add some salt, corned beef, lamb, or ham. You can add other ingredients to add extra flavor. Enjoy your side dish!

Spinach Pancake and Corned Beef

Want a unique breakfast? Try this green pancake from Ireland. On the other hand, it is quite unusual, but this pancake is very healthy. Spinach is the main ingredients combined with onion for a flavorful bite. You can top a sunny side up egg, onion chives, corned beef, salt, and pepper. What a nice and healthy food to enjoy in the morning.

Lime Poke Cake
Ending a full meal with delicious cake is a must, which is why Irish people also made a dessert for everyone who visits during St. Patrick’s Day. It is a dessert that everybody loves because of the not too sweet buttermilk cake and whipped cream. Also, enjoy the taste of lime in every bite of your cake.

Whether you are a tourist or a local in Ireland, respecting the tradition is a must. Learn more about the culture and practices. Engage more with the locals and do not miss every once in a lifetime opportunity when you visit Ireland. Look for the best food that they serve during St. Patrick’s Day and see for yourself why most people love it. ?


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