Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (That Don’t Involve Drinking)

Mar 7, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Community, Food Fun

by Dylan Bartlett

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends and family. You have a moment to relax and have fun, catch up and reminisce. That said, some people think enjoying yourself is inseparable from drinking.

St. Patrick’s Day can pose an especially significant problem for people who prefer not to drink. It’s become famous as a holiday for heavy partying, even though it began as a religious celebration that had nothing to do with alcohol. Staying sober is one of the best ways to celebrate the true origins of the holiday, but how can you do something fun without the usual festivities?

Check out these easy ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day that don’t involve drinking. You’ll find something exciting to do this year and spend your time in a way that doesn’t contradict your lifestyle or beliefs.

1. Go to a Parade
You can find tons of St. Patrick’s Day parades that happen in nearly every town. Look up the area where you live to see when festivities start and where. Get some friends together and plan to meet up.

Make a big deal out of the day by going out for breakfast or brunch first. You can even dress up in green necklaces and sunglasses so that you’re in the holiday spirit before the parade begins.

2. Bake With Your Friends
Holidays and baking go hand in hand. You’d never celebrate Thanksgiving without pie, so why not bake for St. Patrick’s Day, too? All you have to do is find a few interesting recipes and break out your apron.

To make some festive brownies, for instance, all you need is a brownie mix, rainbow gummy candies, cool whip, and gold sprinkles.

3. Watch a Movie
If you want to stay at home and relax by yourself, watch an Irish movie to celebrate the holiday, such as The Quiet Man or Gangs of New York.

You’ll find tons to choose from in every genre so that you won’t be stuck with a few choices. Grab some fresh popcorn and treat yourself to a private screening where you can learn about Irish history.

4. Host a Polar Bear Plunge
St. Patrick’s Day may happen in March, but you can still have some cold weather excitement and keep everyone hyped for the holiday. Invite all your loved ones to come out so that you can maximize your energy with a polar bear plunge.

Find a swimming pool, lake, or river for everyone to jump into. You’ll love making new memories and enjoying hot cups of tea and cocoa after.

5. Run a 5k
Fun runs are always happening in towns and cities during the holidays. They’re an excellent way to donate to a local charity or support another good cause. Get together with your athletic buddies and sign up to run a 5k race.

If you haven’t trained, you can get ready in as little as four weeks—as long as you have the right shoes.

6. Volunteer at an Event
The community parades, fun runs, and other St. Patrick’s day events wouldn’t happen without the people who work behind the scenes. Sign up to donate your time at a charity or organization of your choice, such as a food pantry, library, art museum, etcetera.

Help others have a great day! You’ll meet new friends and possibly find a new cause to fall in love with.

7. Do Something You Enjoy This St. Patrick’s Day
Think about your hobbies and what you like to do with your friends. Then, tailor those activities for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Get out and volunteer, watch a movie at home, or host a polar bear plunge.

As long as you do something you enjoy, you’ll have a great holiday with no drinking involved.

Dylan Bartlett is a blogger from the City of Brotherly Love writing about recipes, health and wellness, and similar topics on his site, Just a Regular Guide. Follow his Twitter @a_regular_guide for frequent updates!

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  1. We grew up in the suburbs of Chicago they did St Pats big huge
    Because of Mayor Daley. I wonder not folks now day even know
    That ? Funny you wonder how things get started or got bigger.
    I am fine with A beautiful bowl of shamrocks. No drinking.
    But Blessings to ALL ?to be safe and Enjoy ?


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