Dachshunds: Breed Profile

Feb 25, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Pets

by Lucille Solomon

Do you know a little dog with a deep bark (fools people all the time), a dog who rarely takes orders, but responds to requests made nicely (well, some of the time), and uses all passages and rooms like a racetrack?

If you said a Dachshund, aka a Dachsi, aka the Teckle, you are absolutely right!

There are three types of Dachshunds. The smooth-haired is the most popular and feisty. A gentler, calmer model is the long-haired variety, which authorities believe is a Dachsi bred with a spaniel. And then there’s the wirehaired, sporty Dachsi who behaves more like a Terrier. A Griffon could be involved with this model, along with a Dandie Dinmont. That’s where those bushy eyebrows and beard came from. They come in red, fawn with black, and black and tan. Usually, Dachshunds are about 24 pounds and can be up to 9 inches tall. There’s also a miniature which does not weigh more than 10 pounds.



All three varieties are intelligent, but Dachshunds are independent and very busy little dogs. They are ever alert to what is happening. I wouldn’t say they are ignoring you when you issue a command, although it could look that way. It might even be embarrassing at times if visitors are about. When you tell your pup to come, it runs the other way! You see, there could be a badger or rabbit about in your yard and for a Dachsi, that’s serious.

Dachshund means badger-dog in German, and the breed has been around for centuries. They were used to flush badgers, rabbits, hares, and even foxes from their underground dens. Fearless and bold, this dog would dash into the thickest covert and wriggle down incredibly narrow burrows to reach its prey.


Mystery author Simon Wood’s Dachshund Royston

True, the dog has its own focus and is always planning its next activity, but Dachshunds are very affectionate. It’s hard to resist the little dog when it lies on its back, waves all four legs in the air and needs a belly rub.

Begging is another Dachsi skill. Like most dogs, Dachshunds love treats and those beautiful eyes can let you know how important it is to slip one his or her way. You can even triumph over the dog’s habit of running in the opposite direction when you call, if you have a favored treat in your hand.

Dachshunds have been called hot dogs, sausage dogs, and even wiener dogs, but they wouldn’t care for those nicknames. They are proud, even dignified little dogs. People grin a lot when they tell you about their little friend with their intelligent, mischievous eyes. They adore their dogs as much as their dogs adore them, protecting them and their home with deep woofs.


Ava, a Dachshund by DRNA Eastern NC

Your dog’s passion is to be outdoors, but if you let him loose in your yard, keep an eye on him or her. The lady next door might not know there’s a mole in a hole inside her prize shrubs.

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My name is Lucille Callard Solomon. I was born, raised and educated in England and was a teacher for twelve years. I am also a published writer, dog trainer and dog owner. One of my passions is to try to prevent healthy, but unwanted dogs, from being euthanized. Through no fault of their own, they were the wrong fit for their owners and were denied the chance to live, serve, love and play. Through my blog, I hope to help people choose a good fit for their personalities and lifestyles and to learn all about the breeds they have an interest in. A happy owner is one with a dog that suits him or her perfectly. I spent several years researching breeds and learning what kind of dogs would be right for owners and definitely what owners would be right for certain dogs. Love dogs? Check out my blog at www.astro-pups.com.


  1. Loved your article on the adorable little Dachshunds. Made me want to go out and adopt one! Cannot wait for your next article. Who will it be?

  2. Sounds like a lovely dog! What a great mission you are on, Ms. Callard Solomon. Our doggie friends thank you for your tireless efforts!

  3. Loved your article on Dachshunds! Was refreshing to read an article about this lovely dog breed.


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