5 Top Tourist Destinations for Students in 2019

Feb 20, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Travel

by staff

Spending money on an airline ticket can be a difficult proposition to justify when you are biding your time on a student budget. Jane Davidson, who is the Director of Development Promotions that represents Topdeck Travel in South Africa, says it made a big difference to consider travel as a way to grow and know more about the world, which in turn works wonder on the human existence. You can enjoy a range of budget friendly activities like horseback riding, checking out the national parks or the art museums during your holiday. Compared to a family vacation, students have to consider the budgetary aspect of their vacation more carefully as some of these destinations can be exorbitantly expensive.

Travel turns you into a more independent human being, plays a critical part in your transformation into a global citizen, and motivates you to try your best and contribute more over time even as you remain engaged in pursuing your degree or diploma, she says.provided by author

If your financial condition is not absolutely precarious, travel is the best thing to spend your extra money on as the famous adage puts it: Travel while you’re young and able. The experience is a great deal more precious than money can ever be, she adds.

Davidson shares her list of vacation destinations, which are considered the most student-friendly worldwide:


Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and it boasts of some must-sees that are bound to be of interest to trendy students. For example, The John Lennon memorial wall is covered with graffiti and it is so awe-inspiring that it can put even the most beautiful wall art to shame. It’s replete with artwork inspired by John Lennon, and works as a fitting tribute to famous Beatles songs. This is sure to make for an outstanding backdrop for a selfie! There are some excellent hiking trails in the country that must be explored by the young and restless. Besides giving you strenuous physical exercise, such hikes can open up different vistas of the country’s hidden natural beauty.


Students looking to feast on culture without spending a fortune will find a lot of avenues to indulge in such activities in Morocco. You can visit the Hassan II Mosque, which ranks among the largest mosques in the world and took around seven years of non-stop construction activities to complete the project. You can also explore Hassan Tower and marvel at the Roman ruins at Volubilis, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Morocco has beautiful mountains, two oceans and the Sahara desert. So, you are never short of options when it comes to making the most of your vacation time in this North African country.


Do you miss the beach or want to gather some inner peace? Bali is a good destination for many more reasons than for a tan. You can attend a yoga session, dig in the amazing variety of Indonesian cuisine, or hit the ocean on an indigenous banana boat. Bali is never boring or ordinary. There are theme parks and inclusive resorts in this tourist paradise, which you can enjoy to the hilt.

My roommate and I both love adventure and adrenalin activities – regardless of the fact that we’re on a holiday, we can’t spend our time quietly! During the second year of our university, we made a trip to Bali together and enjoyed every bit of the experience. We tried snorkeling, and diving and even had a bunch of locals to try and give us some training in surfing, says Abigail Roos, a drama student.

Another memorable experience was visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is a sanctuary of long-tailed monkey found in Bali. It was a great experience, and the monkeys were super cool, she adds. The sand beaches of Bali are world famous.


If you are not game to quiet holidays, you’ll enjoy every bit of Amsterdam for its action-filled life. Hopping on a bicycle to go around the breathtaking Dutch capital can be a good idea. After all, there are over 881,000 bicycles in the city. You can also opt for a cruise on the canal. It is favorite destination for many people worldwide. There are some world famous amusement and water parks, which are kid friendly as well.


Uganda can be the perfect choice for students who do are not ready to set out on a distant destination. The country is famous for its mountain gorillas, which can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can take a trek through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and catch a glimpse of mammals of over 100 species at the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Let’s not forget to appreciate the best of nature at Lake Bunyonyi. This African destination is family friendly and a must for travel in 2019.

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